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December 2011 Local Media Coverage

18 Dec 11 Children's art workshops inspired by Archibalds


December Media Releases

November 2011 Local Media Coverage

20 Nov 11 Dominik thrives on stage

16 Nov 11 Diverse talents bring festive spirits

November 2011 Media Releases

29 November - Archibald Prize heads to Casula

10 November - Getting into the Christmas Spirit

October 2011 Local Media Coverage

28 Oct 11 Festival's Sweet As: Dessert day a success

27 Oct 11 Sweet As Festival

19 Oct 11 Sweet treats of the world coming to Casula

15 Oct 11 Casula's legal graffiti walls: art or rubbish?
18 Oct 11 Wild about foraging: Tours help sow interest in bush food
14 Oct 11 Reach: Musical inspires young people

1 Oct 11 Casula turns into powerhouse of Pacific culture

3 Oct 11 Choir on song for Eggtober

October 2011 Media Releases

25 October - Art for the next generation

12 October - Festival is Sweet As at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre





28 Sep 11 Political satire must be seen

September 2011 Media Releases

15 September- Roll Up, Roll Up, Monkeyshines is in town! 

15 September - The Wharf Review is funny as ever

August 2011 Local Media Coverage

27 Aug 11 PHOTOS: Treehouse Theatre presents Tree of Life at Casula Powerhouse

Dreams inspire her art
Liverpool Champion 10 August 2011

Anu play comes to Casula
Liverpool Leader 9 August 2011

Artists chance to reveal talents
Liverpool Champion 3 August 2011

August 2011 Media Releases

Casula Powerhouse Niu Warrior exhibition behind the scenes with NRL stars

11 August - Singing competition that will blow your mind

11 August - Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance

July 2011 Local Media Coverage

Loomy batte looms at Casula
Liverpool Leader 31 July 2011

Casula Powerhouse hosts musical showdown
Liverpool Champion 27 July 2011

July 2011 Media Releases


29 July Casula Powerhouse host workshops for artists with disabilities

25 July - Rainbow's End

14 July - Loop the Loop music showdown at Casula

June 2011 Local Media Coverage

Life woven in heritage
Liverpool Leader 22 June 2011

Casula exhibition showcases young artists
Liverpool Leader 21 June 2011

New director has big plans for the Casula Powerhouse
Liverpool Leader 23 May 2011

Bonnyrigg artist heads to Beirut for Helen Lempriere scholarship
Liverpool Leader 20 May 2011

June 2011 Media Releases

23 June - Tangled Web premieres at Casula for Kids Festival

22 June - This [Baby] Life indeed!

17 June - Casula for Kids Festival - call for materials