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27 October - 15 December
10.30 - 12.30pm  
$124 all materials incl. for 8 weeks OR $16 for single sessions

Ages 8-10
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Who doesn’t love a bit of art on a Saturday morning? Then why not become an A.M. Art Maker? You’ll will be encouraged to develop creative thinking through the visual arts, with a special emphasis on learning about a variety of media and materials. You’ll regularly explore opposites; small/large projects, traditional/ contemporary approaches to art making, contemplative study and active dynamic work. You’ll work individually as well as a group to create 2D and sculptural pieces and be guided through this course with one of our established art facilitators. Become an A.M. Art Maker and make a creative start to your weekend.

A.M. Art Maker will be facilitated by Priscilla Bourne

Priscilla is a Sydney-based artist, curator and educator. She teaches visual art at TAFE and facilitates art activities at Mission Australia in addition to her contributions at Casula Powerhouse. She has curated several exhibitions including a significant group show of Sydney artists in "Smashed Screens" at Delmar Gallery in Ashfield in December 2017.

Priscilla attained her Masters in Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts in 2017. Priscilla has a wide-ranging practice in visual art, exhibiting with several key galleries including the Hughes Gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney. She has had major solo shows at the Hughes Gallery and the New Standard Gallery, and has appeared in a number of group shows at Gaffa Gallery, Mori Gallery, Schaefer Gallery and a collaborative public artwork with Jason Phu for the 2017 Surry Hills Festival.

Priscilla’s life and work is an exploration of all things colourful and gestural, formed and painted, cast and pressed. Artworks that inspire her are embodied, encapsulated, authentic experiences of this world.


When you love art so much you join a weekend club. Ours meets on Saturday mornings. We’re called A.M. Art Makers. We’ll meet up and build skills so that you can make anything you want. Traditionally masters are found painting outside on quiet Sunday afternoon with a good hat on. You might ask yourself how you get to that place? Well A.M. Art Makers is the perfect first step. We’ll start with charcoal and drawing, moving onto chalk pastels and watercolors and finish up with painting. Along the way we’ll look at the colour wheel, tone and layers. The subject matter will range from still life to contemporary and abstract art. We’ll be working with traditional methods to make powerful new contemporary artwork. There is a focus on studio practice with an understanding of professional exhibiting. Casula Powerhouse’s A.M. Art Maker Club adds up to an impressive series of workshops.

A.M Art Makers Brief weekly Breakdown:

Week 1 | Charcoal Drawings

  • Learning tone and exploring light and dark
  • Working with both white and black paper
  • Having several study sketches
  • Keeping an art book of ideas and works

Week 2 | Colour wheel

  • Marking out a circle and dividing it into 12 sections
  • Start with paint in the primary colours
  • Add in cold and warm secondary colours

Week 3 | Watercolour  

  • Start with chalk pastels to mark out image
  • Talk about the materials and how the chalks will change the watercolour on top
  • Do a few tests in your art book
  • Make a masterpiece

Week 4 | Oil pastels and wax

  • Drawing in with oil pastels
  • Working on board with time
  • Heat up the wax and mix it with the colours
  • Work on a colourful abstract using your awareness of the colour wheel

Week 5 & 6 | Landscape painting

  • From what we have learnt, start making a painting
  • Make a linen stretcher and size/prime
  • Paint a masterpiece

Week 7 | Mono print

  • Make one-off quick gestural prints
  • Ink up the plate and mark into it
  • Introduction to printmaking

Week 8 | Found Materials

  • Glaze all bisque fired works
  • Begin to create other components of final work that are comprised of found materials
  • Journal entries

PLEASE NOTE: When dropping off children, parents must make sure the workshop facilitator 
has arrived before leaving. No refunds for missed classes.

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