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The Home School program at Casula Powerhouse provides a comprehensive, creative curriculum for home-schooled children aged 6-14. The Home School program is now in its 3rd year offering a creative learning curriculum throughout the year (4 terms). It simultaneously provides a syllabus for ages 6-9 and 10-14 with both primary and supplementary programming over 5 (4 hour) sessions each term.

Term 2 programs commence Wednesday, 9 May 2018

For enquiries or for more information about our educational programs
email ppe@casulapowerhouse.com
phone 9824 1121

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Wednesdays (Unless stated)
1, 15, 29 August & 12, 26 September | 10.30 - 12.30pm
$100 for 5 (2 hour) sessions (All materials included) | Click here to book

Ages 6-9

# If LOOK THINK TECHNOLOGY is booked in combination with its additional workshop both of these will be available at a reduced price of $180.00

LOOK THINK TECHNOLOGY provides opportunities for students aged 6-9 to learn through hands on creative activities in either robotics, computer programming, electronics, or Science. Combining a range of curriculum areas such as Science, Technology, English, Art, Maths and, Digital media these workshops encourage younger children to become reflective learners, take risks and to question. We want all children to have an opportunity to learn in a fun hands on way

Hands on learning provides children with a better ability to engage in the subject they are learning. Children have a better ability to recount concepts more easily when they are doing. LOOK THINK TECHNOLOGY fosters problem based learning to encourage students to work together creatively. Each week’s class will begin with a group discussion of the investigation, supported by works on display and reference images, while also thinking about the design process. Each week will conclude with a round table discussion and sharing of reflection. All materials will be supplied.

WEEK 1.        

Sprout House – Ever wondered how plants grow? This lesson we will learn how seeds travel, what fruits have the most amount of seeds and you’ll build your very own sprout house that we will continue to watch and grow throughout the term. At the end of the term you will be able to take home your sprout house.


Learn about 3D shapes and models. Each student will explore the various shapes and models, and using hands on activities create their own 3d models to interpret mathematical information about each shape.


Gloop is this a solid or a liquid? This lesson students will learn about solids and liquids and then make Gloop! We will apply various tests to the Gloop and watch it turn from a liquid into a solid matter. Students will learn about molecules and other various chemistry elements.


Egg Drop Challenge – Help save your egg. The challenge is for kids to design a contraption using various materials (usually recyclables) to protect a raw egg from a high fall. Students will learn about gravity and force.


Wearable technology – students will build unique badges that can be words and also flash. This will build on the existing work we have done with electricity.

LOOK THINK TECHNOLOGY is presented by Belinda Watson.

Belinda is no stranger to Casula Powerhouse, presenting annual robotics and animation workshops in school holidays as well as the WOW Festival. Belinda has worked as a member on the FIRST Robotics committee and is a Design and Technology Teacher, teaching electronics, robotics, animation and technology to all ages. Belinda has taught for more than a decade in schools across NSW. She started her career as an Electrician and then moved into the Technology industry before settling into Teaching. Belinda is also the director of Create to Learn delivering hands-on robotics and animation workshop for all ages.

Letting off S.T.E.A.M. (10-14)

Wednesdays (Unless stated)
1, 15, 29 August & 12, 26 September | 10.30 - 12.30pm
$100 for 5 (2 hour) sessions (All materials included) | Click here to book

Ages 10-14

# If LETTING OFF STEAM is booked in combination with its additional workshop both these will be available at a reduced price of $180.00




Letting off S.T.E.A.M for ages 10-14. In this inclusive art and science program this course will provide older students with innovative ways to examine connections between art making and the sciences. Students will be encouraged to explore in both traditional and new media whilst learning about art history and theory. Students will create artworks in an engaging and exciting environment to increase their confidence in visual thinking and discover their own artistic identity.

Term 3 | Brief Overview by the week


The Inner Universe

Through the basic understandings of the human body, our inner universe, participants will learn about the different body parts and how they work.

A focus on the film Fantastic Voyage, as a creative perspective, participants are to create an artwork based on the human body. Participants are given a random body part to explore and will create a sculpture using clay and found objects.

Artists: Fantastic Voyage movie, Alex Grey, Patricia Piccinini.


Photography through Instax, Holga and disposable cameras

The cameras, (provided by the facilitator), will have students experiment with the instance of an Instax camera and the uncertainty of the randomness Holga & disposable cameras produce.

Participants will be given a brief introduction to cameras, filters and how to shoot photographs using the Rule of Thirds. The subject matter of nature and light will be a major theme of their task. Finally, participants are to discuss and draw up plans of what they want shot and how individually, and in groups. The class to end with a presentation of their thoughts.

Artists: Andy Warhol, David La Chapelle, Tracy Moffatt, Max Dupain


Creating Installations through Problem Solving

Through the students understanding of engineering from previous lessons in trial and error and report writing. This lesson will focus on group work and problem solving on how to follow steps and achieve an outcome.

Participants in groups, will be given a different brief each to follow with a time limit increating several installations to be installed outside the Art Centre grounds.

Artists: Sculptures by the Sea exhibitions, Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Week 4 | ART

Mural Paste-Ups

Participants will explore the world of mural art through the creation of paste-ups. Mural art's seemingly popular nature has increased due to the rise of young artists from Australia and around the world with works spanning from identity, political and cultural themes. The lesson will start with a brief introduction to the history of street art, featuring artists from Australia and around the world, followed by a demonstration of paste-up making, leading up to the creation of a mural on the Powerhouse Graffiti Water Tanks.

Artists: Ben Frost, Shannon Crees, Friends with You, Keith Haring

Week 5 | MATHS & ART

Pixel Art using squares and Cubist portraits

Exploring the artworks of Craig Robinson and the Minecraft game series, participants, using graph paper and coloured cardboard, are to map out a portrait of themselves or favourite character to create a manual pixel artwork. A brief tutorial on shape and perspective, as studied in previous STEAM classes, are outlined to create their works in a small and large scale.

The lesson will end with the study of Cubist artists to create geometric abstract self-portraits using paint.

Artists: Craig Robinson, Minecraft games, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque

Learning Outcomes and Desired Results:

  • Students will explore contemporary artists, both international and Australian
  • The use of varying mediums and materials
  • Engage with a contemporary artist
  • Students will learn to work in groups and individually
  • Students will learn how to explain their work articulately through discussions and group critiques
  • Students will produce high quality pieces to take home

Letting off S.T.E.A.M. will be facilitated by Florence Araniego.

Florence grew up in Liverpool, south-west Sydney. She has a background in the creative industry, having completed a Diploma of Film at TAFE, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts UNSW. She has travelled to Japan, and is inspired by all things kawaii and has been drawing her own characters ever since! Currently working with artists at Studio A, Florence has recently facilitated performances at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. Florence has become a very familiar face at Casula Powerhouse facilitating a range of workshops and programs from manga workshops for Draw Together to the Art School After School series.

What's Your Shape (6-9)

Wednesdays (Unless stated)
1, 15, 29 August & 12, 26 September | 1-3pm
$100 for 5 (2 hour) sessions (All materials included) | Click here to book

Ages 6-9

# If WHAT’S YOUR SHAPE ? is booked in combination with its additional workshop both these will be available at a reduced price of $180.00

What’s Your Shape? is it tall, round, square, large, sharp, flat, patterned, long, thin, rough or smooth?

What’s Your Shape? is a new innovative approach to engaging young children in creative thinking.

What’s Your Shape? is perfect way for children to create and connect their imagination to a world of possibilities.

What’s Your Shape? uses drawing as a journey to discovery and clay as flexible learning material with numerous possibilities.

What’s Your Shape? matches individual creative interests to achieving individual creative outcomes.

What’s Your Shape? builds over 5 weeks to create take-away works that are unique and meaningful.

What's Your Shape? will be facilitated by Chanel Tobler.

Chanel Tobler is a Sydney based artist who completed her education at the National Art School. Her work is multidisciplinary in nature, but chiefly governed by drawing, lending itself to installation, ceramics, and painting. Her work lies in the field of gestural-abstraction, and endeavors to explore the questions; what it means to be here and now in this body and place?. Drawing on her studies in anthropology, Chanel integrates notions of home, belonging, relationships, and emotion. Chanel Tobler’s work is held in collections by the National Art School, Sydney Royal Children’s Hospital and in private collections across Australia and Europe.


Wednesdays (Unless stated)
1, 15, 29 August & 12, 26 September | 1-3pm
$100 for 5 (2 hour) sessions (All materials included) | Click here to book
Ages 10-14

INTRODUCTION TO SHAKESPEARE will give participants an experience of Shakespeare’s Hamlet led by experienced theatre professionals. Explore the characters and context of the play through high energy, physical performance workshops. The program will consist of 5 x 2 hour workshops culminating in a short, ensemble-led performance in the final week.

Term 3: Brief overview by week

Week 1 | Introduction to Hamlet

Prince Hamlet is depressed. Having been summoned home to Denmark from school in Germany to attend his father's funeral, he is shocked to find his mother Gertrude already remarried. The Queen has wed Hamlet's Uncle Claudius, the dead king's brother.

Hamletis intimately tied to the theme of revenge and justice—Claudius's murder of King Hamlet initiates Hamlet's quest for revenge, and Claudius's death is the end of that quest. In week 1 we will meet the characters and scenes that make up this eclectic play.

Week 2 | Theme and Character

We will examine the characters of Hamlet through scenes of arguably his most famous play. We will look at how Shakespeare’s play centers around Hamlet's angst and indecision about how to avenge his father's death. It's Shakespeare's most famous character and it contains Shakespeare's most famous line: "To be or not to be, that is the question."

Week 3 | Scene Work

Participants will continue examining how the context of revenge is revealed in the scenes of the play through the text. We will focus on understanding the language and drawing the character out of the language. Students will work in groups to rehearse and present scenes based on this exploration.

Week 4 | Rehearsals

Rehearsals will continue for Hamlet, staging the scenes, detailing the vocal and physical performance work. Small costume and prop elements will be introduced.

Week 5  | Production

We will work towards specificity, focus and finessing our interpretation of Hamlet in preparation for our final performance at the end of this session. We will apply the earlier ensemble work to create interesting scenes with everyone involved supporting each other’s work.

INTRODUCTION TO SHAKESPEARE is presented by Matriark Theatre.

Matriark Theatre is made up of core artists Scott Parker, Kathryn Parker, Aleisa Jelbart, Nicholas O'Regan & Robert den Engelsman. Hailing from backgrounds in design, classical music, puppetry, mask and physical comedy, Matriark exists to create new theatrical works for families blending whimsical puppetry and glorious visuals together with folk tales and physical theatre. The company is committed to connecting diverse audiences with the arts, improving participation and accessibility by working with communities, schools and regional arts centres to develop, premiere and present new works. Matriark is no stranger to Home School at Casula Powerhouse, successfully presenting As You Like It in Term 1 2018.

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