Wednesdays (Unless stated)
6, 20 February; 6, 20 March; 3 April | 1-3pm
$100 for 5 (2 hour) sessions (All materials included) 
Ages 10-14

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# If POWERPLAY-SHAKESPEARE'S TYRANTS is booked in combination with its additional workshop both these will be available at a reduced price of $180.00

Throughout Shakespeare’s career we see an author who’s keen investigation of those with power is matched by his empathy for the plight of their high state. Many of his famous characters are driven by a thirst for power, which ultimately corrupts them or leads to their own overthrow. This course will explore some of Shakespeare’s most powerful players, through which he asks the question; what makes a great leader?


Week 1| WILLPOWER Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most power hungry characters. This class will look at the lengths he goes to in order to attain power and whether his wife, Lady Macbeth had an even stronger will to rule.

Week 2| POWER TO THE PEOPLE Julius Caesar is deals with a very taboo subject for Shakespeare’s time: the assassination of a leader. This class will follow the chain of events that lead to the assassination, and how important it was that the conspirators put a positive spin for the People of Rome.

Week 3| THE POWER OF WORDS In many ways Henry V represents the ideal Leader. A great warrior and a charismatic King who leads his army to victory against fantastic odds. This class will explore the ways in which Henry uses the power of speech to forge out a new empire in France.

Week 4| POWER SHIFT The play Richard II looks at the overthrow of a king regarded as weak by his nobles and the accession to power of a decisive Henry IV. This class will look at scenes dealing with the power infused in the English crown and the weight of responsibility that came with it.

Week 5| PERFORMANCE This week we’ll prepare some of our favorite creations from the term. These may involve the text itself or even movement, dance and song, image or even design. This will be presented for an audience of family and friends.

POWERPLAY is presented by Gabriel Fancourt. Gabe is a 2010 graduate from NIDA where he played Jack in Lord of the Flies, Oberon in A Midsummer Nights Dream and Tom in This Property is Condemned. Gabriel’s further theatre work includes Dirtyland for the New Theatre, K.I.J.E. in association with Old Fitz and STC and Measure For Measure, The Servant of Two Masters, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, The Tempest, A Comedy of Errors and Edward II for Sport For Jove Theatre Company. He has also appeared in Cry Havoc’s Titus Andronicus at ATYP, Punk Rock at ATYP, Fallout for The Old Fitz, Henry V for Bell Shakespeare and Babes in the Woods for Redline Productions.

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