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The Kids Gallery is curated to provide a year-round integrated visual learning environment in relation to the main exhibition programs at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. The gallery features a range of interactive environments that encourage children and adults alike to investigate major themes or key aspects of artworks on display.

The Kids Gallery provides an accessible space dedicated to the development of visual thinking.


29 September-11 November


onbeing is an exhibition that connects the experiences and identity of local women through a variety of voices and portraits.  

onbeing has been developed in relation to the exhibition Landless Bodies, which features female artists with a shared Arabic cultural heritage. Together their work explores how the importance of place and culture from a female experience, crosses both the world and through time.

onbeing refocuses the importance of identity, place and culture through the experiences of women who are local to Casula Powerhouse and those who are visitors to the Arts Centre.

onbeing will feature a series of video portraits relating to the importance of identity, place and culture in their lives. These will be shown simultaneously with a series of non-verbal video portraits. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to respond to these presentations through respective portraiture and letter writing activities relating to significant role models.

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