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Spark your imagination and creativity through our various exciting school holiday workshops.

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SPRING SCHOOL HOLIDAY DATES : 2 October - 13 October 2018
SUMMER SCHOOL HOLIDAY DATES : 21 January - 24 January 2018

Come and join us for some engaging and exciting programs during the school holidays ranging from KinderCraften to Drama Camp. Spark your imagination and creativity through our various exciting Summer holiday programs. Get to experience the best of all Casula Powerhouse’s programs on offer. Be inspired, be creative, and be imaginative this holiday season.


A.M Holiday Makers
Thursday 4 October & Friday 5 October | 11.00- 3.00 pm  
Ages 8- 10 | $50 for two days Book here

In this program, students are encouraged to develop their creative thinking, with an emphasis on learning about variety of medium and materials. It is the perfect place to experience traditional and contemporary approaches to art making. This program is the perfect place for you to make a creative start into the world. All materials are included.


Art School Holiday School

Art School Holiday School
Tuesday 2 October- Wednesday 3 October | 11.30-3.30pm
Ages 6-9 | $50 for two days Book here

For the aspiring artists out there, come learn and create some original artworks. In Art School Holiday School, students get to play and create with all various materials. Students get to be creative and imaginative in this program, whilst learning about various mediums and artists. It is the perfect class for a young budding artist! This program runs across two days, all materials are included.


Can Do Clay

Can Do Clay Holiday Addition
Tuesday 2 October & Tuesday 9 October  | 11-12pm
Access participants | $10 Book here

This holiday season, come join in one of our ever- so- popular Can Do Clay Access class. Participants will learn the techniques of hand building, moulding and glazing  with clay. Over the course of the hour everyone will create one-off pieces.

Creative Kids Club

Creative Kids Club
Monday 8 October; Tuesday 9 October; Wednesday 10 October | 11.30-3.30pm
Ages 12-14 | $75 Book here

Creative Kids Club is all about fostering creativity. Fun exciting art opportunities for ages 12-14. This program will encourage original thinking, problem solving, self-confidence, individual growth and as well develop ones techniques and skills at art-making. Students get to create innovative original pieces of art and learn in an exciting and safe environment. All materials included.


Dance Camp

TUESDAY 9 OCT & WEDNESDAY 10 OCT | 11am - 4pm

Ages 6-9 | $50 for 2 days Book here

Come join us for our first ever introductory and energetic Dance Camp at Casula Powerhouse.

Students explore the foundations of dance, whilst working on their rhythm and co-ordination to develop their skills. Dance Camp is full of energy and fun.


Drama Camp

Drama Camp
Tuesday 2 October, Wednesday 3 October & Friday 5 October | 11.30-3.30pm 
Ages 10- 12 | $75 for three days Book here

A comprehensive course for young drama geeks. Students develop their performance skills and learn about the art of performing. At the end of the program, students will perform to family and friends. This course runs for 3 days and students are expected to attend all three programs. The Friday is the performance day


Drawing on a Younger Mind

Drawing on a Younger Mind
Wednesday 3 October | 11.30-3.30 pm
Ages 10- 14 | $25 Book here

Drawing on a Younger Mind allows students to develop their visual thinking. They will be introduced to new perspectives on drawing and get to create innovative artworks to take home. Engage in ideas based on the drawing practice of modern and contemporary artists. Participants will create innovative original artworks in this workshop. All abilities are welcome in this class


Family Makers Club

Family Makers Club
Saturday October 13 | 10.30-12.30 pm
All ages  | $10
Book here

Come celebrate the end of the school holidays by getting creative. Everyone is welcome to this artmaking extravaganza workshop. Experience a family friendly exhibition tour, listen and play whilst being creative. We look forward to seeing you there.

Holiday Kindercraften

Holiday Kindercraften
Tuesday 2 October; Thursday 4 October; Monday 8 October & Wednesday 10 October | 10- 11am
Ages 2- 5 | $10 Book here

Holiday Kindercraften is a creative playgroup meeting during these school holidays. Come join the creative exploration with your children and become inspired to make a take-home artwork through investigative art play. These holidays let your young children be introduced to a range of creative encounters through methods and materials. Kindercraften fosters a fun group environment with both individual and collaborative learning outcomes.

Magic Thursdays

MAGIC THURSDAYS Holiday Addition
Thursday 4 October| 11:00am- 12:00pm
Access Participants | $10 Book here

Magic Thursdays will focus on skill development, creative expression and choreography through; drama games, Prop association, Karaoke (everybody loves to sing), Stage craft and sequencing , as well as Magic and circus tricks (gross motor skills, accepting new challenges and discovering /developing new entertaining skills).

Showtime Tuesday

Showtime Tuesday Holiday Addition
Tuesday 9 October | 11am-12pm 
Access Participants | $10 Book here

Come let Casula Powerhouse, guide and support you in Tuesday morning Access, a loud and colourful 1 hour class dedicated to individual and group performances. This workshop is a showcase of our already popular Tuesday Showtime program.  The workshop involves learning group dances, play games, role-play in fantastic costumes and singing. Tuesday Access has it all and above all else we are dedicated to fun. You will also learn to develop your stagecraft skills, work with sound cues, props and get in touch with your own personal creative dream.

The Young Filmmakers Club

The Young Filmmakers club
Monday 8 October; Tuesday 9 October; Wednesday 10 October | 11.30-3.30pm
Ages 14-16 | $75 for all three days Book here
*Participants will need bring their own laptop and a Smartphone with filming capability.

The young filmmakers club is an introduction to documentary film making for ages 14-16. This program provides older students with the opportunity to learn about some of the key skills and techniques to filmmaking. Students will be shown how to utilise accessible equipment in combination with editing programs. Subject areas will include story boards, framing, sound and lighting and the use of editing software.


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