Thinking about what her dog Farnsworth would say if he could talk was the inspiration for a large scale text work Anastasia Klose has contributed to Every Dog Will Have Its Day.

Having two dogs of her own and working at animal shelters gives her lots of opportunities to observe and ponder the sensory, emotional world of dogs. “At Maggie’s Rescue I got really interested in dog behaviour, reading body language, imagining where the dog could fit in a community, what sort of home it would thrive in, what sort of person could take the dog”, she says. “When I’m working I try to imagine what it's like to be Farnsworth. I listen to music that doesn't have any words because it helps me to just feel because Farnsworth doesn't have language, he just feels things”.

Anastasia has often worked with photography, performance, video, installation and even created a dog park, but is returning to her drawing roots for this exhibition.  “I love performance and those kinds of things, but there's no record. They're just an experience or a memory and that in itself is great for what it is, but sometimes you just want something to hold on to something tangible that you've made that's yours that you care about, that you've poured over and looked at all those months. I like adding value to a piece of paper - taking it slowly and building up layers”.

Given her love of dogs the opportunity to exhibit in Every Dog Will Have Its Day was a perfectly natural fit.  “Even if people don't care about art, they usually care about animals or they have an opinion of animals. Dogs are Australia's favourite pet. It would be great if we could broaden our imaginations and try to imagine their experience and be kind and empathic. Animals can teach us that.  For me it's a joyful exhibition, a very welcoming exhibition for people”.

Every Dog Will Have Its Day continues until 17th September.  Other artists – Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Dion Beasley, David Capra, Noel McKenna, Clare Peake, Kenny Pittock, Danielle Reynolds, Adrian Stoikovich, Natalie Thomas

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