David Capra often works on high production multi media/sensory and performance projects but is getting back to his drawing roots for his first dog themed group exhibition.

“I've stopped doing a lot of drawing but I feel like that that's a really important thing to return to.” says David, “I've been working on and off with these drawings for about two years. I've been looking at lots of animation so some are a little cartoony. Then some of them are a more modernist approach, very simple shapes reducing Teena's form to just certain shapes. They are more in line with furniture design or Memphis design so they're quite decorative.”

Collaborating with a dog turns out to be much more than just imagining the world from their perspective.  So how do you go about it?  “It depends what we're doing”. Says David.  “For instance when I made Eau de Wet Dog with Teena I would get a few samples from the perfumer and I would bring them back to Teena to see what she responded to. And because Teena expresses herself in a different way, I've learned a lot from Teena as in responding to the world in a very visceral and performative way. She really inspires my movement as a dancer as well, the way that she negotiates her long body”.

When thinking about our connection with dogs most of us think about what dogs bring to us but as David points out it can work the other way.  “I was reading recently that there are certain endorphins that are released in the body of a dog that are only released from the physical touch of a human. I think that connection goes back many, many years”.

Every Dog Will Have Its Day might be David’s first dog themed group show but it isn’t his only one.  He’s been working on a project at Campbelltown Arts Centre called Sheer Fantasty with other well known dog loving artists Anastasia Klose (also exhibiting in Every Dog Will Have Its Day) and William Wegman (US), who has a long history of working with dogs.  David and Teena also received a Parramatta Fellowship to create a large-scale work with local dog show people.

But you’ll see his work first at Casula Powerhouse so come along to Every Dog Will Have Its Day, exhibiting until 17th September and fall a little bit in love with Teena yourself.

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