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About the Casula Powerhouse Collection

The Liverpool Collection, managed by Casula Powerhouse and Liverpool Regional Museum, boasts an extensive collection of over 30,000 artworks and heritage objects which reflect the great diversity of cultures that make up the City of Liverpool.

The focus of the collection is to build a legacy from the creativity and commitment of emerging and established artists and showcase artworks that engage, entertain and challenge audiences across the community.

The collection also has a traditional focus built on the responsibility of preserving Liverpool’s rich history. Established with the Museum’s opening in 1989, the Collection has grown to include items of great historical significance associated with the dynasties that lived in Collingwood and the communities of the greater Liverpool region.

Casula Powerhouse and Liverpool Regional Museum are registered to receive gifts of objects as artworks under the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program.


Overall Winner, 2015 Liverpool Art Society Exhibition and Art Prize
Rebecca Brady
Landscape - Notes to Basquiat, 2015
Acrylic on canvas
120 x 120cm


Casula Powerhouse is delighted to announce that it has acquired the painting Landscape – Notes to Basquiat by Rebecca Brady following it being selected as the winner of the Overall Acquisition Prize at the 2015 Liverpool Art Society Exhibition and Art Prize. The painting is a welcome addition to the Liverpool City Council permanent collection.

Landscape – Notes to Basquiat was created following a family holiday Brady took to Uluru earlier this year. Brady was highly moved by the spirituality and history of the sacred site, which inspired her to create a conceptual and contemporary work to honour Uluru and bring attention to the many spiritual beliefs held about the site. Drawing influence from the artistic styles and practice of both Gordon Bennett and Jean Michel Basquiat, Brady’s painting features strong colour, vivid symbols, pattern, collage and text to encourage thought on how it is inappropriate to climb Uluru. Brady has reflected in regards to the painting, “we all have spiritual beliefs and political understandings of the world that surrounds us. I believe it is important to showcase these ideas in a contemporary and postmodern format for the future generations”. This painting diverges from Brady’s usual artistic practice of layering and experimenting with colour to create expressionistic works of art and is a visually arresting and thought-provoking painting that is full of emotion, power and spirit.

Rebecca Brady is a local artist, designer, teacher and arts advocate. Her artwork has been commissioned and exhibited both nationally and internationally and she has had work acquired for numerous collections, including the Nepean Hospital in Penrith. In 2014, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre held the acclaimed exhibition Wonderland, which featured work Brady had completed with her young son Jaxson Barlow and other children from the University of Western Sydney Early Learning Centre. The artworks exhibited explored the relationship between the process of making art and intuition and demonstrated the unique nature of Brady’s artistic practice.

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre now owns two works by this talented local artist, with Brady having previously won the Liverpool Art Society’s Overall Winner’s Acquisitive prize in 2013 with her painting Delightful Awakenings.


Mayor’s Choice Acquisitive Prize, 2015 MIL-PRA AECG Exhibition and Art PrizeTerry Lockley
Campfires on the Castlereagh (shared land, sacred ground), 2015
70 x 60cm 

Winner Mil-Pra AECG 2015 

Terry Lockley’s Campfires on the Castlereagh (shared land, sacred ground) is another new acquisition to the Liverpool City Council Collection after winning the Mayor’s Choice Acquisitive Award at the 2015 MIL-PRA AECG Exhibition and Art Prize. Terry Lockley is a local Western Sydney artist who has frequently featured in the MIL-PRA AECG Exhibition and Art Prize at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. He is a two-time winner of the popular art prize, first winning the Mil-Pra AECG Award in 2013 with his painting Nana Dot’s Gypsy Caravan and again in 2014 with the artwork Pemulwuy (Rainbow Warrior).

The painting Campfires on the Castlereagh (shared land, sacred ground) depicts Lockley’s impression of the Castlereagh River near Mowlma Creek, a site of significance to his family history. Lockley’s great-great grandmother lived her entire life along the Mowlma Creek and Castlereagh River and for this painting, Lockley has depicted the region as he imagined it once was. His idea of the Castlereagh River has been informed by an early description of the region by explorer John Oxley, who after coming over the Warrumbungle Range on an expedition noted the many campfires and bank huts running along the Castlereagh River. In Campfires on the Castlereagh (shared land, sacred ground), the Castlereagh River is featured as a flowing border running along the outer edge of the painting, depicted in colours of blue and yellow. Alongside the flowing river are small dot circles with glowing red centres, representing the many campsites that existed along the riverbank. Footprint tracks connect these campsites and meandering dotted lines, symbolising smaller creeks, run toward the centre of the image where Lockley has depicted the ceremonial or Bora grounds as two large dotted circles connected by waving white lines. In the centre of the image, Lockley has presented the vibrancy of the region, where artwork was made, ceremonies and initiations occurred and animals abounded. Through this painting, Lockley has expressed the significance and sanctity of this site. Reflecting on the inspiration for this painting, Lockley has remarked, “I recently made the trip out to Coonamble for the first time in my life. I went out and stood on the banks of the Castlereagh on Wingadee Station and out to Tunda on Mowlma Creek. It was a special feeling”.

Campfires on the Castlereagh (shared land, sacred ground) will join another artwork in the permanent collection by Terry Lockley, Pemulwuy (Rainbow Warrior). Pemulwuy (Rainbow Warrior) also won the MIL-PRA AECG Mayor’s Choice Acquisitive Award in 2014. Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is very honoured to have Lockley’s artworks as part of the permanent collection.


Gina Sinozich 
Mr Whitlam in his Younger Days, 2009
Oil paint on canvas
152 x 102cm

GINA SINOZICH Mr Whitlam in his Younger Days, 2009

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre has also gladly accepted into the permanent collection the painting Mr Whitlam in his Younger Days by local Casula artist Gina Sinozich. The painting, which was originally created for the Living Liverpoolbicentenary exhibition held Casula Powerhouse in 2010, was kindly offered as a donation to the collection by Gina earlier this year.

Mr Whitlam in his Younger Days is a portrait of The Honorable Edward Gough Whitlam AC QC before he became the 21stPrime Minister of Australia. The portrait is one of three Gina was commissioned to produce for Living Liverpool of people she considered to be important in the history and community of Liverpool. Through painting a portrait of the Honorable Edward Gough Whitlam in this context, Sinozich has paid tribute to the former Prime Minister and acknowledged the many contributions he made to the City of Liverpool and Western Sydney both before his election to Federal Government and as Prime Minister.

Gina Sinozich is a distinguished artist who has a long-standing relationship with and history of exhibiting work at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. In 2003, Casula Powerhouse held a solo exhibition of Sinozich’s work titled Gina Sinozich: The Iraq War Paintings in which Sinozich recorded and retold the story of the Iraq War through her paintings. Sinozich’s artwork was also featured in the exhibition Living Liverpool in 2010 and in 2014 she held another solo exhibition at the Centre titled The Survival of Stalingrad. Most recently, Sinozich’s work was featured in 21, our 21st birthday exhibition which was held at the Centre from 17 October – 29 November 2015.

Mr Whitlam in his Younger Days will join many other works in the collection by Gina Sinozich. The Liverpool City Council collection also holds Sinozich’s Iraqi War series, Istria series, Liverpool Hospital series, Living with Dementia series, andMidnight Wedding series, which total over one hundred works collectively.


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