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Art After School

Tuesdays* | 26 April 2017- 27 June | 4.00 - 5.30pm | Ages 6 - 9 
* Because Tuesday 25 April is a holiday, the first class will take place on Wednesday, 26 April. All following classes will be on Tuesdays.

$130 for 10 weeks
Group size 15 max.


In ART SCHOOL AFTER SCHOOL, students will explore different mediums such as painting, collage, mono printing and sculpture. Students are encouraged to create artworks through exploring a variety of media and techniques.

In this workshop students explore form, colour and design. As well as learning about art history and theory which is unpacked in engaging and exciting environment. Students create artworks using quality materials to increase their confidence and discover their own artistic location. In each workshop students will be supervised by one of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre's experienced facilitators.

Term 2 | 26 April 2017- 27 June 2017 | Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama

Week 1 | Apr 26 | 3D canned goods

Week 2 | May 2 | Junk Food Mono Prints

Week 3 | May 9 | Pop oil pastel self-portrait photographs

Week 4| May 16 | Draw your own advert campaign

Week 5| May 23 | Felt dot artworks

Week 6 | May 30 | Dot painting on 3D object

Week 7| June 6 | Bubble wrap fruit and vegetable prints

Week 8 | June 13 | Flower making artwork

Week 9 | June 20 | Independent Project

Week 10 | June 27 | Independent Project

PLEASE NOTE: When dropping off children, parents must make sure the workshop facilitator 
has arrived before leaving. No refunds for missed classes.


Drama School After School
Mondays | 1 May – 26 June  
4.30-6.30pm Ages 10 – 12

$140  | Light supper provided from 4:30pm-5pm ($90 for 9 weeks)

Drama School After School offers an inclusive experience for young people aged 10-12 who have an interest in the dramatic arts.


  • To gain confidence through the course in self-expression and trust in their own voice.
  • To gain skills in telling their own stories through drama: identifying stories that resonate, the use of play and imagination to bring ideas to life, voice and movement skills, self-analysis of their work.
  • To grow their skills in collaboration and respect for working with others to bring a project to life.
  • To gain understanding and respect for Performing Arts as a profession
  • To create and perform in a short 10 minute production in the Casula Powerhouse Theatre in front of an invited audience

Ages 10-12, Group size of 8-12

Venue – participants will be working in a large rehearsal space for the majority of the program and the Casula Powerhouse theatre for the final performance. All the technical resources of the theatre will be available for the performance – Staff, lighting and sound.

Commitment from each young person in the course to all sessions is vital for the program’s success. Collaboration and teamwork are vital to theatre companies: one or more participants missing week to week jeopardises the work for the whole group. An agreement participants will sign encourages their commitment to the full course and their role in building their skills for the future, whether in drama or in greater life.


Week 1 | What is Drama?
Playing and Storytelling: Students will take part in a mixture of group and solo exercises designed to commence a bonding process and listening to individual stories by group members. Students, Parents and Teachers sign a joint commitment to fulfilling the program together. Theatre Space

Week 2 | Voice and Text:
Students will be shown how to become aware of their vocal range, play with their voice to create character and to express its potential. Performance Space

Week 3 | Movement:
Students will learn how to become aware of their body as a performance tool, to navigate the stage and find their space. Students will also learn how costume helps create character and begin imagining costume ideas for performance.Performance Space

Week 4 | Ensemble:
Students will learn skills in listening and improvisation to learn the basics of collaboration and the importance of teamwork in theatre. Students will also receive the play’s script and be taught skills for line learning.Performance Space

Week 5 | Staging the Story:
Students will learn skills to build the world of the play, imagining the locations and set pieces to tell their story.Performance Space

Week 6 | Props and Costume:
Students will design and make simple props to focus a context and costumes to accentuate character. Publicity posters, flyers and programs will also be designed and distributed. Performance Space & Kids Studio

Week 7 | Dress Rehearsal:
Students will learn how to participate in their first full rehearsal of their play with full costume, props and set. Students will learn how Lighting and Sound can enhance their story-telling.Performance Space

Week 8 | Final performance:
Students will perform a play as the culmination of their workshops, on the main theatre stage in front of an invited audience. Friends and family members are encouraged to be part of the audience and support our young people in telling their stories. Theatre Space

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