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The Ceramics Studio at Casula Powerhouse welcomes you to a world of ceramic opportunities. Whether you are curious about beginning pottery making or would like to further your existing skills, you’re welcome to come and join this relaxed and inclusive clay studio. Clay is a natural material and we have been working with it for over 20,000 years. The Ceramics Studio practices an equally inclusive method to demonstrating and teaching that can enable everyone toward making their own pottery.

Our sessions are continuous, so you may sign up anytime.

*We also offer different technique and project based workshops (e.g. mural) for students/groups who want to focus on growing their practice. (Sundays from 1-3pm).

For booking enquiries:
Email: PPE@CasulaPowerhouse.com
Ph: (02) 9824 1121

Open Studio

Open Studio sessions at the Ceramics Studio are designed to help you to realise your creative side in a group setting which is enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding. The Open Studio sessions are informal, project-based sessions suited for both beginners and more advanced students equally. Beginners will undergo learning the basics of hand building with clay; pinching, slab rolling, coiling and joining. You will then be shown how to glaze your work in preparation for firing. Ceramic Studio facilitators will assist with each process and discuss the steps as you perform them.

Advanced students can plan individual projects and discuss specific needs accordingly. All supervision, tools, decorative glazes and firing of your final piece is included in the session price.

Our sessions are continuous, so you may sign up anytime.

EVENING | Tuesday 6-9pm
6, 13, 20, 27 FEB | 6, 13, 20, 27 MAR | 3, 10 APR
Ages 16+/Seniors
Cost per session: $20 
Facilitator: Yuhana Nashmi
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DAYTIME | Thursday 10-1pm
8, 15, 22 FEB | 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 MAR | 5, 12 APR
Ages 16+/Seniors
Cost per session: $20 
Facilitators: Natalie Valiente/Kathie Raco
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Ceramics Studio Facilitators: Term 4 2017

  • Kathie Raco
  • Natalie Valiente
  • Yuhana Nashmi

Kathie Raco and Natalie Valiente are professional ceramicists and founder members of the long established Clayhouse formerly adjacent to CPAC.  Both Kathie and Natalie are experienced team ceramics facilitators at Casula Powerhouse and help to devise and facilitate workshops in collaboration with Public Programs.

Kathie and Natalie have delivered a wide range of ceramics programing for adults and children as well as community projects and public murals. Their workshops also include day and evening classes for people with disabilities and tailored curriculum packages for schools in conjunction with Casula powerhouse. Together they bring a wealth of experience and encouragement to the creation of ceramics.

Yuhana Nashmi is an artist who uses sculpture as a means to explore the mythological themes and concepts of ancient Mesopotamia in a modern abstract form. He is an Iraqi/Australian citizen who arrived in Sydney via Jordan in 2000 and since then he has travelled the country and the UK, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Nauru working in social work whilst exploring art as means to connect internal and external worlds.

Yuhana was trained as Tarmida (priest) in Mandaean traditions and language and participated in a large ethnographic fieldwork study on the Mandaean community as part of a cultural preservation program run by the university of Exeter (UK) and Leiden University (Netherlands).

He held his first solo exhibition in 2016 and his current works continue to explore his cultural identity and ideas of humanity and nature. Yuhana has been a regular ceramics facilitator at Casula Powerhouse since 2016 focusing on community project facilitation.

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