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Welcome everyone to Term 1 of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) Home School for 2017. After a hugely successful 2016 the Home School program has established itself as critical component of the educational structure at CPAC. Thank you to both parents and students for your support throughout 2016 for making this possible. 

The 2017 program will retain the continuity of 5 sessions per term. Class numbers will be capped at 15 to provide both students and facilitators with most appropriate environment for creative learning. We endeavor to provide an inclusive program that is driven by artistic invention to promote visual thinking across all ages.

Public Programs at CPAC has been continually working in close collaboration with Home School organisers to produce an extended range of creative learning workshops. For Term 1 | 2017 we have produced a further series of developmental art workshops that continue to coordinate creative learning for wide age range in a single weekly visit to CPAC. Both of these programs offer additional workshops to extend the learning focus to both morning and afternoon sessions.

Term 1 programs commence Wednesday 1 February 2017


p. 9824 1121
e. reception@casulapowerhouse.com



Wednesdays (Unless stated) | 1 & 15 February and 1, 15 & 29 March | 10.30 - 12.30pm
$100 for 5 (2 hour) sessions | All materials included

This term we shall be exploring the fundamentals of printmaking in a skills based series of workshops.

Over the course of five weeks the students shall complete three projects. Each week’s class will begin with a group discussion of the investigation, supported by works on display and reference images, while also drawing parallels to contemporary cultural examples. Each week will conclude with a round table discussion and sharing of work. All materials will be supplied.


Weeks 1 & 2 | Lino Printing
The students shall be shown examples of Lino work and have the carving and printing processes demonstrated before designing and producing their own work. The final images from these workshops will be a line based image and a hand coloured print.

Weeks 3 & 4 | Stencilling
In this pair of workshops the students shall look at street art and produce a graphically based image. The students shall also explore block printing and the process of printing multiple colours. In order to do this the students will be taught print registration, colour overlay and depth perception.

Week 5 | Mono Printing
For the final workshop the students will engage with the immediate process of mono printing. The students will be shown how to apply a graphic and linear engagement to the ink and pull the print to produce a chosen image.

LOOK THINK PROJECT is facilitated by Dianne McClaughlin.


Dianne is an artist that is interested in the inherent qualities of art making as a tool of communication and realisation. 

Di has been awarded for works in both traditional and modern printmaking techniques as well as sculpture and has exhibited throughout the greater Sydney region. Having completed a Masters of Fine Arts in print media from Sydney College of the Arts in 2013, Di is now undertaking an art therapy trainee ship through Western Sydney University.


Wednesdays (Unless stated) | 1 & 15 February, 1, 15 & 29 March | 1 - 3pm
$100 for 5 (2 hour) sessions | Ages 10-14 | All materials included

INTRODUCTION TO SHAKESPEARE will provide a 2 hour dedicated workshop to scene description, context and script analysis, prior to role play and group seminar situation. Each class will be facilitated by theatre professionals.


Week 1 Introduction | The Comedy of Errors
Continuing on from the success of Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Henry V and Macbeth, we're going to explore Shakespeare through one of his silliest yet heart-warming plays, The Comedy of Errors. The story of long lost twins searching for their other half. It's a classic Shakespeare farce, full of mistaken identity, slapstick comedy, romance and family reunions. Week 1 will involve a walk-through synopsis and understanding the text.

Week 2 | Character and text
We will continue our investigation of The Comedy of Errors, exploring comedy both physically and throughout the text to express the characters. This will form part of the ensemble work that we will share for our final showing.

Week 3 | Scene work
Casting of scenes. Read through and understanding the script. Participants will take on characters from the play and begin to analyse and develop scene work for our final showing, concentrating on delivering Shakespeare's language with understanding, clarity and expression.

Week 4 | Production rehearsals
Rehearsals will continue on The Comedy of Errors, staging the scenes, detailing the vocal and physical performance work. Small costume and prop elements will be introduced.

Week 5| Final Production
We will work towards specificity, focus and finessing our interpretation of The Comedy of Errors in preparation for our final performance at the end of this session. We will apply the earlier ensemble work to create interesting scenes with everyone involved supporting each other’s work.

INTRODUCTION TO SHAKESPEARE | Term 1 will be facilitated by theatre professional


Scott is a graduate from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Theatre credits include: Bell Shakespeare; Hamlet, Actors At Work. Sport For Jove Theatre Co; The Importance of Being Ernest, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Cyrano de Bergerac, Much Ado About Nothing, Othello, The Comedy of Errors, Twelfth Night, The Tempest. Melbourne Theatre Company/Daniel Sparrow Productions; Rupert, which toured to Kennedy Centre in Washington as part of the World Stages International Festival. Black Swan State Theatre Company; The Importance of Being Ernest, Arcadia, When the Rain Stops Falling, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Griffin Theatre Co;: The Witches. Barking Gecko Theatre Co: In a Dark Dark Wood, Trains of Thought Critical Stages; Stones in his Pockets. Darlinghurst Theatre; Drake the Amazing.

Film and TV: Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, Careless Love, AE:2 Gallipoli Submarine, Short Film: Undeadicated (writer), Unwanted Friend (co-writer), The Beehive.

Scott is a proud member of Equity.


Wednesdays (Unless stated) |1 & 15 February, 1, 15 & 29 March | 10.30am - 12.30pm
$100 for 5 (2 hour) sessions | All materials included

Letting off S.T.E.A.M is an inclusive art and science program at Casula Powerhouse for children for 6-9 yrs. Over five two hour sessions within Casula Powerhouse’s rich visual environment, this course will provide younger children with innovative ways to examine connections between art making, the sciences and art history. So come and let your children let off some S.T.E.A.M throughout 2017.


Week 1 | SCIENCE
PH indicator test and Mariah Robertson. Spin Painting and Frank Hrubetz.

Spinning tops and Leon Foucault. Modern version of Steady Hand Game and Alexander Calder

Build a tower and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Sculepy Ships and the Titanic

Week 4 | ART
Exploding Balloons and Fabien Oefner Paste-ups and JR

Week 5 | MATHS
Chuck Close and Grid Drawing. Leonardo Da Vinci and Perspective Drawing. 

LETTING OF S.T.E.A.M will be led by Cayn Rosmarin

Cayn Rosmarin a visual arts educator with experience in both museum and school environments. She has experience and expertise in a diverse range of arts – drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. She is currently completing her Masters in Museum and Heritage studies at the University of Sydney. Previously, she completed a Bachelor of Art Education, majoring in Photomedia at UNSW Art and Design school (previously College of Fine Arts). Driving her educational practice is the integration of cross-curricula subject material. 

She believes in igniting students’ passion and excitement for their learning through engagement with the arts.

+ Additional Workshop: CLAY TOGETHER followed by SMALL STAGES

Wednesdays (Unless stated) | 1 & 15 February, 1, 15 & 29 March |1-2pm & 2-3pm
$100 for 10 (1 hour) sessions | Ages 6-9 | All materials included

CLAY TOGETHER will provide a series of accessible ceramic art projects designed specifically for younger children. These workshops will connect children to 3D exploration within a familiar material and additionally build confidence and techniques in hand working, pinching, glazing and decorating clay art.

Kathie Raco - Facilitator
Kathie is a ceramic artist and founder member of the long established Clayhouse adjacent to CPAC.  The Clayhouse are an association of potters and ceramic artists who devise and facilitate workshops in collaboration with Public Programs Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC). Kathie has extensive experience in facilitating a wide context of ceramic workshops for Clayhouse members and guests including day and evening classes for adults and children, classes for people with disabilities and tailored curriculum packages for schools in conjunction with CPAC.


SMALL STAGES is a companion program to Drama School After School that offers a mixture weekly drama games and workshop for children between the ages of 5-9. Over a series of 5 weeks Small Stages offers an hour of dramatic role play helping younger children to develop helping develop confidence, imagination / creativity, team-work and very basic performing skills.

Christopher Tomkinson - Facilitator
Chris is one of Australia's leading Arts Educators and has conducted workshops across Australia for over 20 years for Bell Shakespeare, The Australian Theatre for Young People, NIDA, The Actor's Centre, The Australian Institute of Music, Sport for Jove Theatre, Poetry in Action and Shopfront Youth Theatre covering a wide range of theatrical territories including Shakespeare, Directing, Australian Theatre, Contemporary Writers, Physical Theatre, Voice, Devising Theatre and Improvisation. He is the Director of The Shakespeare Carnival - a NSW-wide performance opportunity for High School students. As an actor Chris has worked with the Sydney Theatre Company, Ensemble Theatre, Bell Shakespeare, Monkey Baa, Sport for Jove, Pinchgut Opera,

Freewheels Theatre, Tamarama Rock Surfers, Focus Theatre and the Melbourne Festival of the Arts. He is also an accomplished improviser and can often be found at the Sydney Opera House or National Maritime Museum turning kids’ suggestions into fantastic half-hour stories. A graduate of WAAPA, Chris received further training at Ecole Philippe Gaulier and Pan Theatre on an ATYP/ Lend Lease 2000 Scholarship. His play 'The Orphan's Orchard' was published by Cambridge Universtiy Press as part of their Rainbow Reader education series.

in combination with their additional workshop both these will be available at a reduced price of $180.00


Wednesdays 1 & 15 February and 1, 15 & 29 March                                        Click here BOOK NOW

All sessions 11am – 12.30pm and 1 – 2pm | 5 x 1.5 hour classes and 1 Hour self directed 

$100.00 term ( 5 x Sessions )

Ages 18+ |  Group size up to 12 

Clay Break is a program of developmental ceramic workshops in conjunction with the Clayhouse.

The schedule has been designed for parents and carers whose children are attending Home School Programs at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

The course will be facilitated by Selma Fida and participants will been shown basic hand building techniques covering a variety clays, glazing and firing.

The sessions will be divide by tutored morning sessions followed by self-directed learning after lunch.

All materials are supplied.

TERM 1 2017

Week 1 | February 1 Pinch-pots in porcelain. Delicate hand work with the finest ceramic material; tiny dishes and jewellery.

Week 2 | February 15 Coil technique in stoneware. Constructing bowls, planters and vases.

Week 3 | March 1 Slab-building in earthenware. Mugs, small sculptures, plates & trays.

Week 4 | March 15 Introduction to glazing, making test tiles and covering decorative techniques.

Week 5 | March 29 Glazing of the term’s pieces. Fired pieces will be available for collection at a time TBC.

Facilitated by Selma Fida

Producer Roy Marchant

Bookings and enquiries |P: 9824 1121|E: reception@casulapowerhouse.com


Adult Theatre/Performing Solo Workshops 2017

Mondays 6, 13, 20, 27 February and 6, 13, 20 March                                        Click here BOOK NOW
Monday 27 March Final Performance

All sessions 6.30 - 8.30 pm | $150.00 for all 8 sessions

Ages 18+ |  Group size of 8-10


Unlock your potential and put your story in the spotlight.
Facilitated by respected theatre professionals, STAGING STORIES is a solo theatre workshop designed to unlock your potential as a both a writer and performer and put your story in the spotlight. Building over a series of weeks, STAGING STORIES workshops will give you an overview into performance and storytelling like you’ve never experienced, providing you with an opportunity to develop your confidence, expand your network and explore your ideas.

This course is designed for the beginners who’ve never been on stage before and would like the stage skills to speak confidently and tell their story to their audiences; as well as for mid-career performer who’d like to re-connect with the stage and add to their performance tool kit.  



The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • To gain confidence through the course in self-expression and trust in their own voice.
  • To gain skills in public speaking and telling their own stories through drama: identifying stories that resonate, the importance of play and imagination to bring ideas to life, voice and movement skills, self-analysis of their work. 
  • To grow their skills in collaboration and respect for working with others to bring their solo performance to life.
  • To gain understanding and respect for Performing Arts as a craft and aprofession.
  • To create and present a short monologue (5-8 mins) in the CPAC Theatre in front of an invited audience. The process of Staging Stories will change your perception of time.

First Hour: Exercises

Second Hour: Specific Individual Performance Development

In this workshop, you will discover a new, demanding and rewarding approach to performance through monologue. At the end of the workshop series, you’ll perform a short monologue or solo piece to an invited audience of friends and family in our very own theatre space.

Week 1 | Monday 6 February | Investigating Genre
Exploring the possibilities of solo performance and locating your start point to performing.  
Facilitator Ian Zammit

Week 2 | Monday 13 February| Physicality and movement in performance
Participants will explore methods of inhabiting the stage using movement and gesture to articulate character.
Facilitator Scott Sheridan

Week 3 | Monday 20 February| Character development Participants will learn how to transform a characters description into a presence on the stage.
Facilitator Scott Sheridan

Week 4 | Monday 27 February | Writing and structuring your solo show
Learning how to conceive and structure dialogue to the requirements of live action.
Facilitator Alison Lyssa

Week 5 | Monday 6 March | Building Production (Costume, Lighting, Sound, Music) Learning basic techniques of how costume, lighting, sound and music can create tension, set mood and locate character. Facilitator Ian Zammit

Week 6-7 | Monday 13 & 20 March | Dress RehearsalPulling it all together. A chance to rehearse, critically assess and refine the participant’s work by providing feedback and incorporating the full range production elements into their performance.
Facilitators Ian Zammit & Alison Lyssa

Week 8 | Monday 27 March | Showcase: Three Minute PerformanceThe course culminates with a short solo performance in which participants are guided through a short critical rehearsal and perform in front of an invited audience. 
Facilitators Ian Zammit & Alison Lyssa

Bookings and enquiries |P: 9824 1121|E: reception@casulapowerhouse.com

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