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School Excursions

1 hour activity | $5 per student 
1.5 - 2 hour activity | $10 per student 
2 activities | $15 per student 
1 - 2 hour ceramics workshop | $10 - $15 per student
Tours | $1 per student

Workshops include an optional gallery tour. 
Workshop subsidies are available for eligible schools. 
Minimum 15 students. No minimum for students with specific needs. 
Teachers, carers and parents are free of charge. 
Please make a booking for a free self-tour to confirm space availability. 

*Catering available at an additional $10 per person. Includes sandwich, drink and fruit.
Vegetarian, gluten free and Halal options available.

Bookings and enquiries
pone 9824 1121
email ppe@casulapowerhouse.com


Visual Arts Classes 
* Drawing 
* Painting 
* Printmaking 
* Sculpture 
* Craft 
* Ceramics

Clay Classroom $20 per student | Minimum 20 students 
Clay Classroom offers the professional skills and educational expertise of the Clay House as an off-site, syllabus based incursion. The Clay House can tailor a range of workshops in partnership with school staff. This comprehensive package brings the Clay House to your classroom. Price includes two Clay House facilitators, materials, equipment and firing.

 Click through for our primary education program.


Theatre Classes 
* Interactive Improvisation 
* Anti-bullying 
* Introduction to Shakespeare

 Performance Classes 
* African Drumming (1 hour, no subsidy) 
* Dance 
* African 
* Bollywood 
* Contemporary 
* Creative Movement

 Click through for our primary education program.


18 - 19 August | 10am – 2pm
POST-FUTURE seeks to create a meaningful exchange between local Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6) students from across two to four schools over varying demographics – including ESL students and recent migrants.

The workshops will lead the students through a number of activites to create pop-up art packages, which will include artwork and letters, that will be then sent to refugees and asylum seekers in Nauru.

These workshops can be either hosted at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre or at your school.

Bookings and enquires
Cayn Rosmarin
9824 1121

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