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School Excursions 

Activity sessions ranging from 1 to 2 hours

2 activities 
1 - 2 hour ceramics workshop

Workshops include an optional gallery tour. 
Workshop subsidies are available for eligible schools. 
Minimum 15 students. No minimum for students with specific needs. 
Teachers, carers and parents are free of charge. 
Please make a booking for a free self-tour to confirm space availability.

*Catering available at an additional $10 per person. Includes sandwich, drink and fruit.
Vegetarian, gluten free and Halal options available.

Bookings and enquiries
pone 9824 1121
email ppe@casulapowerhouse.com


Visual Arts Classes 
* Drawing 
* Painting 
* Printmaking 
* Sculpture 
* Craft 
* Ceramics ($15 per student)

3 hour class | $15 per participant 
* Street Art (Paste-up and stencil)
* Printmaking

Clay Classroom 
$20 per student | Minimum 20 students 
Clay Classroom offers the professional skills and educational expertise of the Clay House as an off-site, syllabus based incursion. The Clay House can tailor a range of workshops in partnership with school staff. This comprehensive package brings the Clay House to your classroom. Price includes two Clay House facilitators, materials, equipment and firing.


Theatre Classes 
* Performance Development 
* Improvisation 
* Shakespeare 
* Magic & Cabaret 
* Costume Design 
* Set & Prop Design 
* Sound and Lighting 
* Special Effects Make-Up Artistry

Performance Classes 
* African Drumming (1 hour, no subsidy) 
* Dance 
* African 
* Bollywood 
* Contemporary 
* Creative Movement

Much Dell'Arte About Nothing Workshop

Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 October | 10am - 12pm
$10 | All materials included | Ages 10+ 

Matriark Education brings a unique, exciting and hilarious opportunity to Casula Powerhouse.  This workshop will tailor Matriark’s unique physical theatre program to primary aged students.  Participants will learn the art of comedy from professionals working in Commedia, bringing to life the ancient form using masks and props.  This 2 hour workshop is perfect for introverts, drama queens and class clowns alike.  A truly special experience!

Now See Hear


NOW SEE HEAR: Conversations Without Borders, is a education program and video installation that aims to dismantle cultural stereotypes that impact relations between Jewish and Islamic communities, and addresses the issues that surround the (mis)representation of these.

NOW SEE HEAR will work with Stage 5 students from Jewish and Islamic heritage filmed about their personal interests and hobbies such as their favourite music, sport, art, fashion and food, all universal topics that are common to youth culture.

The content of the conversations emphasises the things that ultimately connect rather than divide people – the art that inspires us, the music that moves us, and the sport we follow. By removing the focus from the subjects’ religious identities, the project will instead highlight the overwhelming similarities that exist between and amongst people.

Bookings and enquires
Cayn Rosmarin
9824 1121

Sun Screens

A KIDS GALLERY installation for REFUGEES by Mandy Schöne-Salter

30 Jul - 11 Sep | 2 hour activity | $5 per person

A series of paste-up workshops facilitated by artist Mandy Schöne-Salter will be available throughout the exhibition period for schools or groups. Work produced will be displayed as part of SUN SCREENS.

Mandy Schöne-Salter is a multi-prize winning interdisciplinary artist working in urban art, photography and community art. She studied photography at the Nepean Arts and Design Centre and participated in an intensive Public Art workshop lead by New York Artist Kendal Henry. Since 2013 Mandy has worked on multiple street art projects in Australia and Germany under the pseudonym MAN.De.

Her work has been exhibited in group shows across Germany and Australia including Photoszene Köln, K4 in Nürnberg, Sydney Fringe Festival and See public art project in Manly. In June 2011 Mandy exhibited her first
photographic study Beneath The Surface, which was part of the Head On Photo Festival and Ballarat International Foto Biennale. Her second solo show Degradation & Reflection was exhibited at the Dubbo Regional Art Gallery and Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart in 2013 and 2014. www.mandyschoenesalter.com
SUN SCREENS is a large-scale paste -up commissioned for the Kids Gallery in response to the exhibition Refugees.

When I was twelve years old my family fled East Germany seeking a better life in the West. Looking back we were refugees; we lived in a camp for several months before we became part of our new society. For the first time I realised I could express opinions freely, there was uncensored information about other cultures and unfettered access to art and music. These things completely opened my horizons to the possibilities of doing art myself. My grandfather was an avid photographer and as a very young child I was fascinated watching him work. Photography became an invaluable part of my life and is still integral to my art practice today.
— Mandy Schöne-Salter

For workshop bookings contact Cayn Rosmarin | e. rosmarinc@casulapowerhouse.com | p. 9612 5214

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