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22 February - 24 May 2008

All ages

Touring Australia wide February-May

Selected events during

29 January - 24 February 2008

Federation Square
Taste of Slow Festival

Sunday 24 February 2008

Footscray Community Arts Centre
22 February - 10 April 2008

Kulcha Multicultural Arts of Western Australia
10 May - 24 May 2008


Footscray Arts Centre
Melbourne Food & Wine Festival
Ciyt of Melbourne

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I Love Phở

"Phở - Việt Nam in a bowl, heaven in a spoon and culture in a sip"
Peta Mathias, Noodle Pillows, A Journey Through Vietnamese Food and Culture

Phở, pronounced "fuh", a Vietnamese beef rice noodle soup, is integral to Vietnamese cultural heritage. In Vietnam, Phở has inspired poetry, literary musings culinary pursuits and business ventures. Outside Viet Nam, Phở is considered as central to Vietnamese identity and the Vietnamese sense of home.

This blockbuster project aims to emphasize "he social and cultural importance of food in creating cultural meaning, social bonds and senses of personal identity". The project also encourages people to re-examine the role of food in multicultural society beyond its usual stereotypes and instead as a reflection of Australia's changing culture and the world now. More importantly, it promotes to connect and build bridges among people of the Vietnamese diaspora and people of diverse cultural backgrounds using Phở as a "cultural lever".

After its launch in Liverpool in 2006, I Love Phở takes audiences in Melbourne and Perth on the journey of (re)discovering Viet Nam’s unique history, culture and cuisine.

A visual arts exhibition that uses Phở as a provocative political, social and cultural metaphor, I Love Phở's Melbourne tour coincides with the 2008 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Artists, curator, food writers and cooking instructors will cook up a Phở storm at three venues. Perth will also be treated to all things Phở when the exhibition opens at Kulcha Multicultural Arts of WA in April 2008.