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Join CPAC Youth!

Hey you! Yeah, I’m looking at you!

Would you say you’re a creative whizz? Do you a have a burning passion for the arts and are in dire need to output the flames? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

We are on the lookout for young individuals, aged 15-25, to join CPAC (Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre) Youth. CPAC Youth is a committee that promotes the value of young people’s involvement in the arts by providing events and opportunities to make your ideas come to life.

So, if you want to pursue your artistic passions, say in theatre, painting, curating, music, creative writing and the like, this is where it all begins! CPAC Youth will help you build a creative portfolio, share ideas and make a positive impact on the South West Sydney Arts community.

What’s to enjoy about CPAC Youth?

I enjoy the opportunity to get involved in the different events, in particular seeing the effort that is going into building the local arts community and being able to socialise with other people who share an interest in art. – Melanie, 21
I get the opportunity to step out of what I usually do, I enjoy the creativity and the comfortable environment that CPAC Youth creates. -  Vivien, 16

Keep up to date with us on Facebook. If you are interested in being a part of CPAC Youth, contact us today at cpacyouth@gmail.com and let us know why you want to join!


For young, would-be and emerging Artists
Sunday 28 August | 10am to 3pm | Ages 15 - 25 

Entry FREE | Workshops $5 each  
RSVP at http://on.fb.me/1WmQ9Qa

 Back by popular demand, CPAC Youth is proud to present Art Meets West 2016

Curators, Arts Administrators, Artists, Collectors and Gallerists are invited to meet and view the works by next generation Australian Artists. 

Artists from all mediums who wish to showcase their craft are invited to register for a free pop-up market stall. We especially welcome those who have never done this before! Please contact us for more info via cpacyouth@gmail.com

The day will include workshops, panel discussions and great art along with nibbles and drinks (non-alcoholic).

Entry is Free. Indulge your creativity by joining a quality workshop with expert instructors for only $5.
Workshop booking link available soon.

Halloween End of Year Party

Saturday 29 October | 6pm to 11pm | Ages 15 - 25
Tickets $20
RSVP at http://on.fb.me/1KR4jb

CPAC Youth are excited to invite you to our end of year wind down during Halloween! 

Come and experience the supernatural with a tour of the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centr by the Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators; then, work with your teams to breakout of the escape room, show off your dance moves and eat /drink the night away!

Meet the CPAC Youth

CPAC Youth Facilitator Jacqueline Hornjik
Creative Leader Ariadna Kiehn 
Administrative Leader Amelia Morgano 
Budget Controller Stephanie Nguy 

CPAC Youth Committee Members
Joanna Gollon, An Le, Kelly-Ann Standley, Jamie Sayvong, Sandy Cheu, Rekha Dhanaram, Madelaine De Leon, Katriel Longo, Dominic Kiehn, Renee Elhen, Liliana Occhiuto, Sophea Op, Konrad Ryzak, Polly Burridge, Gregory Gaydon, Cindy Lim, Aswathi Neelakandan, Jack Marsden, Henna Duong, Jodie Nguyen.