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Join CPAC Youth!

Hey you! Yeah, I’m looking at you!

Would you say you’re a creative whizz? Do you a have a burning passion for the arts and are in dire need to put out the flames? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

We are on the lookout for young individuals, aged 15-25, to join CPAC (Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre) Youth. CPAC Youth is a committee that promotes the value of young people’s involvement in the arts by providing events and opportunities to make your ideas come to life.

So, if you want to pursue your artistic passions, say in theatre, painting, curating, music, creative writing and the like, this is where it all begins! CPAC Youth will help you build a creative portfolio, share ideas and make a positive impact on the South West Sydney Arts community.

What’s there to enjoy about CPAC Youth?

I enjoy the opportunity to get involved in the different events, in particular seeing the effort that is going into building the local arts community and being able to socialise with other people who share an interest in art. – Melanie, 21

I get the opportunity to step out of what I usually do, I enjoy the creativity and the comfortable environment that CPAC Youth creates. -  Vivien, 16

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If you are interested in being a part of CPAC Youth, contact us today and let us know why you want to join!
cpacyouth@casulapowerhouse.com // cpacyouth@gmail.com

Meet the CPAC Youth

CPAC Youth Facilitator Phu Nguyen
Administrative Leader
Polly Burridge
Marketing Coordinator
An Le

CPAC Youth Committee Members

Madelaine De Leon, Vivien Tran, Melanie Thomas, Konrad Ryzak, Kim Huynh, Kelly-Ann Standley, Jack Marsden, Amira Halabi, Rekha Dhanaram and Isabelle Laxamana