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Working as an artist goes beyond the creative skills you have in your artform(s).  Find out hints and tips and join the discussion in a series of professional development sessions at Casula Powerhouse.

Please be advised that the GENERATOR sessions scheduled for 21 March (Saturday) and 26 March (Thursday) have been cancelled as a precaution to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Our Curatorial Team will be getting in contact with those who have already booked for these two sessions.  They will also be offering phone conversations with people who have questions regarding the Casula Powerhouse Artist Callout. Please note that the phone conversation is NOT a pitch or a means for discussing your proposals, but a means of assisting people with completing the form. Click here for the Casula Powerhouse Artist Callout 

We have prepared a document outlining any frequently asked questions that relate to the Artist Callout.
Click here for more information.

Saturday 4 July (11am - 12.30pm)
DISCUSSION TOPIC: Copyright - know your rights and those of others.

You'll be able to engage with guest speakers who will provide more insight into the discussion topic.

Saturday 1 August (11am - 12.30pm)
DISCUSSION TOPIC: Working in the arts - what type of roles are there?

Who works at Casula Powerhouse? You'll get to meet some of the staff from Casula Powerhouse and understand how they can support your creative practice.
This will be followed by the exhibition launch event at 2pm.

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