Sally Gray and Ron Smith Casula Coloss, 1998 Image courtesy of artist.

We are seeking expressions of interest from creatives 18 – 25 years old to develop new work through an exhibition and Creative Development Intensive at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

We encourage you to push the boundaries of your practice; use this exhibition as an opportunity to innovate and experiment with the limits of style, form, genre and your concepts. We encourage you to take control of the future - whether it be the future of this place or the future of what art is and can be - by doing it yourself right now in the present.

Successful applicants will:

  • Develop a new work for the exhibition ‘One Past Liverpool’ at Casula Powerhouse in September 2019, in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of this building as an arts centre
  • Be paid an artist fee
  • Receive guided access through our collection and archives
  • Curatorial mentorship through the development of a new work

DEADLINE: Sunday 23 June 2019

Apply here:

Image: Sally Gray and Ron Smith Casula Colossi, 1998 Image courtesy of artist.

In 1998 Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre commissioned Ron Smith and Dr Sally Gray to create a concept for a permanent site-specific installation at Casula Railway Station. 'Casula Colossi' recalls the riverside ‘pleasure gardens’ that brought hundreds of people to the river and train station between 1910 - 1950.

“We wanted to create something so fabulous (fabled) that people couldn't miss it. We wanted to re-establish a sense of arrival at a special place. We wanted a design which was friendly, accessible, inclusive and delightful. We wanted something which would get people talking about Casula as a special locality.” (Dr Sally Gray and Ron Smith, 1999)

This public work was never constructed. It only exists as the artists’ render.

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