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Proposal Register

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is developing a proposal register which will potentially become a valuable resource for curating exhibitions and projects at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. 

If you would like your project to be considered through the Casula Powerhouse Art Centre Proposal Register, please send the following information:  

1. Project / activity brief detailing: (up to four pages): 

a) What are you planning to do - the project / activity you want to achieve?  

b) How are you planning to do your project / activity - please include: plan, outcomes and resources you have and or may require. 

c) Why do you wish to undertake this project / activity at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre?

d) Who are you doing the project / activity with - examples may include other artists and or specific communities?

e) What role has a community played in informing your project / activity idea? 

2. Budget: Costs / requirements (up to one page).
3. Image credits related to your artworks (up to one page).
4. A copy of your CV (up to two pages)
5. Up to ten digital images of your artwork if applicable (total image size not to exceed 4mb).

The submission of a project / activity does not bind Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre to any obligation to undertake you project / activity. Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre programs its exhibitions and events 18 to 24 months in advance of project start dates, as such, any submission will only be considered as a long term prospect for future programming. Also due to the number of proposals received, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre will respond to your submission request within 3 months. In sending Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre your proposal you acknowledge and consent to information being discussed with other arts organisations. All proposal concepts and images must be your own work, and not that of another artist, organisation or individual. The proposal register is an electronic process, and can only be submitted by email to listed and relevant Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre staff. Thank you for your interest in Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.