15 March - 16 March 2013

15 March, 10am
16 March, 10am


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Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre presents
The Women in Sport Forum Program
Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March

The Women in Sport Forum is a two-day event complementing Onside, a contemporary arts exhibition delving into the world of women’s sport and coming up with surprising images and topics for conversation. Onside aims to engage, inform, challenge, stimulate, reflect, inspire and ultimately push the boundaries of people’s thoughts, ideas, beliefs and perceptions about women in sports in Australia.

This is a free event.

Friday 15 March

Keynote Address by Alex Blackwell from the Australian Women’s Cricket Team
10am – 11am

Dropouts: Examining Women’s Participation in Sport
11:20 – 1pm
Research shows that there has been little change over the past 10 years in the participation of women and girls in all aspects of sport, and that women remain under-represented at all levels in coaching, officiating and leadership. Teenage girls often move away from playing sport in High School, whilst older women find it increasingly difficult to re-enter sporting practice due to time, work and family commitments. This panel examines the social and practical barriers to women participating in sport.

Panellists: Keith Parry (Chair), Dr. Wayne Cotton, Dr. Pippa Grange, Nadine Knight, Elka Whalan

Parenting an Athlete
2pm – 3pm
An athlete’s success owes much to their time, dedication, persistence and the sacrifice of everyday activities for the pursuit of their sporting goals. The same can be said of their parents or guardians. The panel will explore the pressures of elite training for athletes as well as their parents. Panellists will compare the expectations of both athletes and parents, and discuss how these can be reconciled to preserve the well-being of all individuals involved in the pursuit of sporting glory, outlining key advice and recommendations on simple approaches to encouraging the best from an athletic child.

Panellists: Prof. Patsy Tremayne (Chair) and special guests.

In Conversation: Sport and Art
3:20pm – 4:30pm
Sport and art are not natural allies. Onside has merged these two facets of contemporary culture to explore the themes and issues relating to women in sport. Director Kiersten Fishburn talks to the curator and artists from the exhibition about the experience of tackling these issues through a visual arts lens.

Panellists: Kiersten Fishburn, Toni Bailey, Jenny Evans, Richard Lewer 

Saturday 16 March

Keynote Address by Prof. Tracy Taylor from The UTS Business School
10am – 10:40am

Wonderwoman: the Strong Body
11am – 12:30pm
Picture a strong, muscular body. Now, did that body belong to a man or a woman? In a world that is dominated by images of beautiful women and strong men, where does the strong female body fit in? And does the world of sport have a responsibility in this dialogue? This panel will examine the female body from a cultural studies framework, looking at the often conforming expectations placed on women and their bodies by the media, peers and society; as well as celebrating the strong body.

Panellists: Louise Evans (Chair), Alexander Croak, Tracey Holmes, Dr. Kate Russell

The Bottom Dollar: Sponsorship and Women Athletes
1:30pm – 3pm
Looking beyond the age-old debate of women’s representation in the media, the increasing corporate sponsorship of women athletes highlights the importance of elite women sportspeople to the corporate, and wider, community. Nevertheless, a lack of equal pay and sponsorship opportunities for women, compared to men, highlights the need for more work to be done in this area.

Panellists: Dr. David Rowe (Chair), Hayley Bateup, Stephanie Brantz, Phil Lynch