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Casula Powerhouse Access workshops provide participants and carers with a supportive, inclusive and creative environment to engage with Art, Drama, Ceramics and Dance. Our Arts & Health program continues to encourage positive social interaction, a strong sense of community, and the artistic expression of each individual. All of our workshops are facilitated by specialists in each discipline in regard to access participation.

For enquiries or for more information about our educational programs
Email: ppe@casulapowerhouse.com
Ph: 9824 1121

Bookings and enquiries:
Email: reception@casulapowerhouse.com
Ph: 9821 1121


These unique workshops are specifically designed in conjunction with Liverpool Hospital to engage those with an experience of cancer. By transforming a radiation mask, used in the treatment of head and neck cancers, creative abilities empower individuals towards developing positive associations within their treatment. Visual creativity offers an immediate ownership allowing the patient a reassuring visual voice within a possibly distressing treatment process.  The work produced will be displayed at Casula Powerhouse for the Bravery Unmasked exhibition from 27th of October 2018. All money from the sale of masks in the exhibition will be donated back to the Liverpool Wellness Centre.

Workshops will be held at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (Saturdays, 10.30 - 12.30pm) on these dates:
7 April, 9 June, 8 September

Workshops will be held at Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre (Tuesdays, 10.30 - 12.30pm) on these dates:
22 May, 24 July, 21 August


The Ignite Imagination program provides participants with the opportunity to engage in a discussion based tour of current exhibitions and work from the collection. Carers and those experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of Dementia are welcome to attend and experience learning and community in an interactive and stimulating program.

This program is on demand. Please contact ppe@casulapowerhouse.com for further information.


Tuesdays | 31 July - 25 September
$7.50 per session

Creative Connections is a non-carer based program designed for community members experiencing mental health concerns. This open studio based group is facilitated by a professional art therapist and provides a safe space for individuals to access materials and support whilst expressing themselves in a creative manner.

For enquiries:
email: reception@casulapowerhouse.com
Click here for online bookings

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