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Due to a bit of minor renovations, Bellbird will be closed through Wednesday, 5 April. We look forward to seeing everyone on when we re-open!

Our Philosophy
Food choices have a big impact on our carbon footprint. At Bellbird, we want to limit this impact. To design our menu, we only use Australian ingredients, most sourced locally. This ensures that you only consume food that is at its peak and hasn’t travel for days before gets to your plate.
We are already working on building our own vegetable garden, to reduce our greenhouse emissions and provide us with the freshest ingredients.

A Few Words from Head Chef Federico Rekowski
I enjoy the stress of the kitchen, having worked in them for the past 15 years. I have been lucky enough to have been trained by incredible people, who taught me classic French techniques. After years of mastering the art of French cooking, I migrated to Australia and discovered the diversity of the country. I decided to take the same approach with my cooking, introducing new techniques and ingredients to my cooking style. This made my cooking incredibly eclectic and took away any boundaries.

Today I consider my cooking style creative, passionate, seasonal and sustainability-focussed. I believe that eating in a restaurant should be an experience, not just going to eat because you’re hungry. You are there to be taken on a ride, wondering why the chef chose this or that. Would this combination work? How haven't I ever heard of this ingredient? I’m inviting everyone to experience the new Bellbird – enjoy the ride!