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Thanks for joining us and welcome to our 'Digital Program' page. We're continuing to bring you our digital program during COVID-19 and we'll update this page with new content as it arrives.

We've got workshops, art activities for the kids, exhibition walk-through's, 3D Virtual tours, our CPAC Youth Iso sessions, cooking classes, garden tips, performances and so much more. Hopefully we've been keeping you entertained during lockdown and we aim to continue to keep you entertained as restrictions start to ease. On advice from the NSW State Government and health officials, we have been able to re-open our doors. We have 2 galleries now open (with others still closed) and our on-site restaurant has re-opened, while our Theatre remains closed until further notice. If you would like to visit us, we'd love to see you and we have in place social distancing rules (1.5 metres), and restrictions on the capacity of each gallery and area of our venue.

In these uncertain times however we can be sure that the arts are more relevant than ever. We'll do our best to keep you connected to the artists, performers and companies that you were looking forward to seeing over the coming months and we'll let you know as events, exhibitions, films and theatre comes back to being live in our venue. Until then we'll share with you in the digital world and look forward to engaging into the future with you.

Stay tuned here for updates and we'll link you to other pages on our website with even more to keep you engaged and entertained. To be the first to hear about everything you can join our mailing list, we'll send you a monthly e-newsletter and the occasional additional email when we have extra special news that can't wait. Click here to join our mailing list and keep an eye on the CPAC social media channels for regular updates.

art and artists

We have some fantastic ways for you to access our exhibitions online. Visit our exhibitions page where you can access information about each show and download the catalogue. We'll also be including some virtual 3D tours, walkthrough's with curators and more. Click here to read more

In the video below our Curator - Luke Letourneau takes us through the exhibition Adaptation. Adaptation highlights artists living with disability or chronic illness, whose practice has evolved to facilitate bodily or psychological conditions.

Seeds of Our City

With our growing urban footprint and increasingly adverse effects of climate change, the loss of species and habitats is becoming all too common. Yet, for tens of thousands of years this same land has sustained life – creating habitats, food, cooling the environment and supporting cleaner air and waterways.

So, how, as our city expands, can we reignite our vital connection with land, water, flora and fauna? And bring bush land back into our urban environment?

The Seeds of our City exhibition, borne out of a collaboration between Arup, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) and Liverpool City Council, opens up community and professional conversations around maintaining biodiversity and enabling continued connection to nature in the context of a rapidly growing city.

We've also got some great opportunities for artists to engage, apply and create work for. See below for a list of current opportunities.

virtual tour

Check out our first ever 3D vitual tour here. Pulse of the Dragon comes to life in your own home.

Virtual Tour picture of gallery Pulse of the Dragon dollhouse view Hopper Gallery

kids and families

We know you are looking for activities for the kids that are fun and educational at the same time. Our usual school holiday workshops have been transformed into online video content for you to watch and play along with worksheets and engaging activities.

Click here to download activity sheets that your kids can do at home

We have 2 new workshops we wanted to let you know about too. We'd usually run these in person but due to restrictions we have decided to do them online. You can use your creative kids vouchers to pay for these or you can purchase each class individually. To read all about the vouchers and how you can access them click here and to read about each workshop see below.

Art School After School 
CPAC Digital Workshop for Ages 8 - 10

This 6 week program starting on 11 June will introduce learners to the traditional shibori technique of fabric dyeing. Students will experiment with folding and dipping techniques to produce patterned textiles. These textiles will then become the foundational materials for a step by step process in bear building. At the end of this program learners will have an entirely unique and handmade bear for gifting, snuggling or decoration.

Drawing Club 101
CPAC Digital Workshop for Ages 10+
Drawing Club 101 is a technical based program for those that would like instruction in drawing techniques. Learners will be introduced to various mark making techniques and facilitated in practice through still life and portrait drawing. This program is suitable for students 12 years and over. Begins on 11 June for 6 weeks.


Our resident youth company have some hidden talents and we welcome you to check them out in their CPAC Live Iso sessions from CPAC Youth. We've also got some familiar faces sharing a tune or two with you while in isolation. Click here to see more.


CPAC Strings is a new digital classical music performance series where some of Western Sydney's most talented emerging classical musicians perform vibrant musical interludes to our world class theatre.

Audiences love watching the fabulous John Watson whenever he performs here at CPAC. While in isolation, John created a short video that gives us a glimpse into the glitz and glamour that normally accompany his shows.

Film header

The Casula Powerhouse team has collaborated with organisations like the Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Sydney to bring some of the world's best films to you. While our Theatre is still closed we've made it possible for you to enjoy a range of feature-length and short films from the comfort and safety of your own home. Click here to read more

Italian Films

The Italian film series is organised in collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Sydney. The films included in this program will be subtitled in English.

i vitteloni web banner

Online Screening of I Vitelloni
Tuesday 21 July, 7pm 
Free admission; bookings essential | Click here to book

English Title: The Idle People
Directed by: Federico Fellini
Country: Italy
Language Production: Italian
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Rating: M
Duration: 105 minutes

Five young men linger in a post adolescent limbo, dreaming of adventure and escape from their small seacoast town. They while away their time spending the lira doled out by their indulgent families on drink, women, and nights at the local pool hall.

Vitelloni vengono chiamati, nelle città di provincia, quei giovani di buona famiglia che passano la loro giornata nell'ozio, tra il caffè, il biliardo, la passeggiata, gli amori inutili, i progetti vani. Tali sono, nella loro piccola città, cinque amici.

Dieci Inverni banner

Online Screening of Dieci Inverni
Tuesday 25 August, 7pm 
Free admission; bookings essential | Click here to book

English Title: Ten Winters
Directed by: Valerio Mieli
Country: Italy
Language Production: Italian
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Duration: 100 minutes

Born of a chance meeting in Venice, Silvestro and Camilla's rocky romance unfolds over 10 winters as new lovers come and go but they are eternally thrust back into one another's arms.

Dieci momenti casuali, ma sempre invernali, estrapolati da dieci anni successivi, raccontano la storia di due ragazzi, Silvestro e Camilla. Tutto inizia nel 1999, su un vaporetto a Venezia.

bellbird dining and bar

Did you know CPAC has a restaurant on-site? We've got two of our very own chefs who are willing to share their recipes, tips and techniques. Get your inner gourmand inspired to make something delicious at home with ingredients that you have in your pantry. Tag @bellbirddining when you post photos of your creations on social media, and let us know what you think.

garden bites

Get tips and tricks in our on-site kitchen garden with Lauren Booth our resident gardener for CPAC. Want to know what to plant right now? Lauren gives us a look around the garden that feeds our on-site restaurant Bellbird Dining & Bar where 40% of our produce is picked straight from our garden, creating a selection of modern Australian dishes using locally-sourced seasonal produce that draw influences from French, Asian and South American cuisines.


Casula Powerhouse's Director, Craig Donarski gives audiences an intimate backstage tour of CPAC. You'll get to hear about the fascinating stories, historical details and what goes behind the scenes in one of Sydney's most unique cultural organisations.

Hear stories about Casula Powerhouse from the people who know it best. The staff at CPAC take you backstage, share ghost stories and more.


Listen to perspectives from the artists and creatives that we've worked with. You can also click here to see an archive of all of the exhibitions that have been featured at Casula Powerhouse.

past events