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Hello and welcome to our WOW Festival at Home edition. It’s with much sadness that we cannot invite you to Casula Powerhouse Art Centre for the WOW Festival this July. Instead, we’d like to ask you to join us from your home. Wherever that may be, in Sydney, Perth, New Zealand or somewhere else in someplace else in the world.

The last few months have been strange as we navigate a new world. A new world that has seen our homes turned into workplaces, living rooms turned into playgrounds and school classrooms and hallways turned into obstacle courses. We see the power in art and believe that through art we can navigate any change.

We didn't want to let the opportunity pass to connect with you during this time and that is why we ask you to please join us as we share the WOW Festival from our home to yours this July!

WOW at Home is our gift to you. We have made a creativity pack, where you will be able to play, create and make art. There is something for everyone, including the grown-ups! Each activity has been designed to allow for exploration, creativity and thinking. These are not just art activities but opportunities to really let children lead the way through art. The creativity pack will be available here from 15 July but please email us if you would like it earlier at marketing@casulapowerhouse.com

We hope you enjoy the WOW Festival at Home!

Keep well and safe.

Claudia Chidiac
WOW Festival Creative Producer


While CPAC still has social distancing restrictions and cannot hold a festival we have connected with some of our friends across the country. A collection of innovative theatre makers have created alternative experiences that will fill the theatre void these holidays. Check out the links below.

Audioplay heralds a new form of digital entertainment for kids; drawing on the simplicity and strength of real-world imaginative play combined with sophisticated production values. Audioplay encourages highly active imaginative play whilst building kids’ sense of empathy and teamwork skills. Audioplay is an award winning app which encourages children to join in with a narrated role
play situation where simple household items become the props. The format draws "on the simplicity and strength of real-world imaginative play combined with sophisticated production values." The app works as an online 2 player audio game link with children
physically taking on the roles from the story. The first 3 episodes are free. Both children playing need a quality headphone set each and of course a device with access to the app. Audioplay can be downloaded through iTunes.


If you’re after something that you can all do together, Mountain Goat Mountain is an audio lead theatre experience for families.
This delightful lounge room adventure guides families through a series of activities to help them set up for a theatre show before stepping into their own imaginative world.This unique experience is perfect for families with children aged 5+. With an exquisite soundscape that transports you to ‘Mountain Goat Mountain’, families will explore tunnels, cross lava pits and dive through underwater caves without ever leaving their home.

A  brand-new digital platform from Windmill Theatre Co that features a smorgasbord of content from their beloved performance repertoire. Windmill at Home is offered free to the public and features recorded readings of Grug (including some
lycra-clad grugercise sessions), and a suite of craft activities and Windmill’s award-winning immersive digital experiences.


ATYP is bringing theatre to your home – starring you! ATYP  have commissioned 11 brilliant Australian playwrights to each write a 5-minute script that you can download and perform with your family and friends (when visitors are allowed at your place of course or try it with your friends over Zoom!). Each script features 2-6 characters, with a mix of some young people and some adults. Anyone in your house can play any character – or multiple characters! There are no boundaries!


* The WOW Creative Art Pack has been created by Claudia Chidiac and Cayn Rosmarin with contributions by Flo Araniego, Simon Wheeldon and Hanne Dora Davies