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9 Sep 2017 | 8.00pm - 11.00pm

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Join APPI Ghost Hunts & Tours and special guest Brian J Cano, the tech guy on Haunted Collector, for a three hour intensive ghost hunt of the haunted Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. Work with APPI and Brian to try and connect with the spirits who may still linger behind the walls of this magnificent industrial building.

All equipment and direction supplied, plus the opportunity to work with one of the world's finest ghost hunters.

About Brian J Cano
Since 2002, Brian has officially been a wanderer on a path of adventure and discovery.  Having been inspired at an early age with shows like In Search Of… as well as the movie, Ghostbusters, Brian’s paranormal journey found direction with the cable-access-to-web show, SCARED!

Evolving from the Skeptic to the Scientist under the SCARED! banner, those early dalliances in urban exploration led him into exploring the many possibilities that existing and emerging technologies offered for paranormal investigation.  It was this focus that resulted in his inclusion on the Zaffis family-centered show, Haunted Collector, which ran for three seasons.  On the show, Brian was the Tech Specialist, responsible for the implementation and use of all the gadgets and gear. Best known for mixing old and new techniques of investigating, he often found himself doing the physical tasks, such as crawling under houses and up into attics. He also served as second in command of the team and helped to manage the deployment of the crew itself.

Ultimately, his goal as an investigator is to measure, quantify and get empirical evidence to support the claims of paranormal activity reported while maintaining his skeptical edge.  “It’s not the phenomena I am skeptical about, it’s those who report it”.

Recently, Brian has been touring the world appearing at paranormal events as well as lecturing at colleges.  His successful, “The Method” event tour has helped attendees find focus and become better investigators.  In his spare time, Brian co-created a paranormal card game called “The Three Pillars” which simulates an investigation and includes many figures in the field on the cards themselves.  His work has been praised in several publications, including TAPS Paramagazine and Haunted Times Magazine.  In 2016, he served as the Lead Global Investigator on the inaugural National Ghost Hunting Day’s “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt” where he led an experiment entitled, “The Bridge” to try and link the world in a web of active, collective consciousness.

His latest focus has been on spreading “#Paralosophy”, a term he coined as a mash-up of paranormal and philosophy.  “There are a lot of people out there doing the Work now and I’d like them to think more and do less.  Really consider the whys before addressing the hows”.

To find out more visit the Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators (APPI) website www.appighosthunts.com or find them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/APPI.Ghost.Hunts

Event Information

LocationCasula Powerhouse
Arts Centre building
and surrounds

Duration3 hours



Phone02 9824 1121


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