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Song of Peace from Australia to Mesopotamia a celebration of culture and diversity.


19 Mar 2016 - 20 Mar 2016 | 2pm - 7pm

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Iraqi Australian University Graduates Forum in partnership and support with Liverpool City Council, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE), STARTTS and the Choir of Love presents


Song of Peace from Australia to Mesopotamia

Celebrate the colourful Mesopotamian culture of Iraq, brought to you by a group of artists, cultural leaders and volunteers from the diverse sections of the Iraqi community in Sydney including Chaldo-Assyrians, Syriacs, Arabs, Kurds, Mandaeans, Turkmen and others. This unique project is a result of years of activities that built bridges to bring together the culturally diverse Iraqi community shattered by conflicts and civil war.
The festival will also include artwork presentations from young and emerging Iraqi-Australian artists living in Fairfield and Liverpool area as part of the Iraqi Youth Art Project produced by Information and Cultural Exchange [ICE].

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SAT 19 MARCH at 2pm Opening & Keynote Speaker

FREE EVENT: Bookings essential by email admin@iraqiculturalfestival.com.au or phone 0468 967 445

Dr Andrea Teti 

Our keynote speaker Dr Andrea Teti, Director of Centre for Global Security and Governance, Aberdeen University will talk about his ArabTrans project and the recent on-ground survey of Iraqis’ beliefs, values and behaviour with respect to the social and political transformations there.

The conversation will discuss the diversity and resilience of Iraqi culture and how Iraqis (including the Iraqi diaspora) can respond to current challenges.

The 2016 Iraqi Cultural Festival-Keynote Speaker is supported by the Australian Government through the Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

This session will also include live poetry and music performance, as well as launch the Peace Makers Choir CD Song of Peace.


Ticketed event: $12per person
To book please phone 9824 1121 or BOOK HERE  

This Musical Festival has two parts; the first one presents Iraqi musical concert including contemporary and traditional music, singing by lead singers in the Iraqi community and choir performance by Peace Makers Choir in conjunction with the Choir of Love.

The second part presents Iraqi folkloric music, singing and dance including Assyrian dabka and Khashaba (drum beats of Basra) dance.

 Iraqi Cultural FestivalIraqi Cultural Festival


FREE EVENT: Bookings essential by email admin@iraqiculturalfestival.com.au or phone 0468 967 445

  • Men only by Bahaa Alkadimy
    Five theatre actors decide during a rehearsal to revolt against their director. Their approaches to demanding their rights vary, but their coup cannot be termed a success (16 min).
    In Arabic with English subtitles.
  • Microphone by Kareem Ghafour Fattah
    A child, separated from his mother, enters a mosque's premises to use the toilet. The mother wants to go into the mosque to find her child, but she is not allowed (9 min).
    In Kurdish with English subtitles.
  • The suffering of the asylum seeker by Hayder Shakir & Mohammed Alanezi
    Produced by two Iraqi-born asylum seeker artists who have been living in the community, this short film examines the refugee experience in Australia (5 min).
  • Bad Hunter by Sahim Omar
    Bahoz is 19 years old and lives surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes. Every day, he goes to the mountains to hunt although he catches very little. But today will be the day that will change his life forever. The film won several international awards including International Competition Special Jury Prize in Flickerfest 2015 (Australia).
    In Kurdish with English subtitles. 
    Bad Hunter trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J2oiED6EPM
  • Kingdom of Garbage by Yasser Kareem
    Zahraa, a refugee from the North of Iraq, dreams of going to school. Instead she and her brother, Hassan, must scour a landfill site for valuable materials, competing against the other scavengers (9 min).
    In Arabic with English subtitles.
  • A Nation without a homeland by Warith Kwaish
    Mohamed is a refugee from Syria – a result of the crisis of 2010. He has no recollection of his family or life before he reached Baghdad. In an attempt to reunite Mohamed with his family, Warith Kwaish embarks on a journey, searching the refugee camps along the Iraqi-Syrian border, desperately seeking leads as to their whereabouts (11 Min).
    In Arabic with English subtitles.


FREE EVENT: Bookings essential by email admin@iraqiculturalfestival.com.au or phone 0468 967 445

  • Short play O Dove of Peace by Bashar Hanna & the Choir of Love  
  • Short play Light Swing by Jamal Al-Hallaq  
  • Exhibition of video work from six young and emerging Iraqi-Australian artists participating in the Iraqi Youth Art Project. This project is produced by Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) in partnership with Fairfield City Museum & Gallery, Fairfield City Council and the Iraqi Cultural Festival - Song of Peace from Australia to Mesopotamia.

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Duration2 day event


CostFREE event
(other than the Musical Concert)

Phone02 9824 1121


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