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Term 3 | Wednesdays | 1 - 3pm
19 July | 2, 16, 30 August |13 September
$100 for 5 (2 hour) sessions, all materials included
Ages 10 - 14

The Comic Character

Building on the skills of Commedia dell’Arte from Term 2, but also for newcomers, students will now go on a journey of creating their own characters. Learning ways to turn their imaginations into reality. The comic character will be all about having fun pretending to be something entirely different to ourselves. We will work through different ways to be on stage, playing with movement and voice and eventually create our very own characters for performance.

Week 1 | What is a character?

Is a character in movement, in voice, in costume or story? This is a difficult question to answer outright so using games, costumes and movement we will explore this question. What makes a good character? Using the natural elements, using animals and through mimicry of each other participants will expand their range of movement options as they come up with ways of embodying character.

Week 2 | Character through story.

Participants will tell stories and find ways of turning the characters from these stories into characters of their own. Stories from life, mythology and the world around us. Participants will be required to bring in a costume from home for the next session – it should be like a disguise.

Week 3 | Our Characters

Today participants get to meet their very own characters. Dressed in the costume of their choice, we will do some simple exploration exercises to discover how this character moves, talks and sees the world around them. What do they want? We will then play some simple improvisation games using these characters.

Week 4 | Finalise character – The Birthday Party

Participants make any changes to the character they want to make, trying and exploring new things. We will keep playing games, trying new ways to play with character including an extended improvisation called ‘The Birthday Party’.

Week 5 | Sitcom: A Short Performance with the Characters in Situation

The characters will be split into groups and participants will begin devising a short Sitcom performance with their characters. This will pull together the comic skills learned over the last two terms, with Commedia and character work. We will keep playing and refining for a short showing at the end of the day.

COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE will be facilitated by theatre professionals from Matriark Theatre. Their facilitators are internationally trained and nationally recognized with teaching experience in institutions and high schools across the country. They bring the expertise and energy of a seasoned Commedia troupe and regularly perform at various venues, schools and institutions around Sydney.

Event Information

LocationCasula Powerhouse
Arts Centre

Duration2 hrs

Ages10 - 14

Cost$100 for 5 sessions
all materials included

Phone02 9824 1121


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