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4 Apr 2018 | 10.30am - 12.30pm

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To complement our already existing S.T.E.A.M program, we are pleased to introduce Letting off S.T.E.A.M for 10-14 year olds for 2018. This inclusive art and science program will provide older students with innovative ways to examine connections between art making and the sciences. Students will be encouraged to explore in both traditional and new media whilst learning about art history and theory. Students will create artworks in an engaging and exciting environment to increase their confidence in visual thinking and discover their own artistic identity.

Term 1: Brief Overview by Week

Week 1 | SCIENCE & ART - Alternative Photographic Processes - The art of the Cyanotype.

Using Sydney based artist Todd McMillan and his photographic practice which utilises the camera-less process of the Cyanotype as a starting point, children will learn about the science behind light sensitive material and learn to make their very own Cyanotype using locally found flora from the Casula Powerhouse surrounding area. This workshop will also look at artists such as Brook Morgan and Fiona Hall who use naturally found materials to create their works, exploring the connections between art making and chemical and natural sciences.

Week 2 | TECHNOLOGY & ART - Animation Now -Stop motion, hand drawn, flip books

Children will explore all things animation in this workshop, making hand drawn animation, stop motion animation or take home flip books which will include imagery and objects sourced from students themselves. Engaging with the notions of moving image and art, this workshop will transition between analogue and digital, filming hand drawn sequences via a mobile phone to allow for further digital enhancement.

Artists: Sophie Penkethman-Young, Kara Walker, Joan Ross and William Kentridge

Week 3 | ENGINEERING & ART - Kinetic sculpture - Movement, structure and scale.

Responding to Art in the built environment in this workshop the group will work together to create a large cardboard city, complete with skyscrapers, cars and trees. In addition to the city they create, smaller groups will then respond to the spaces they have made and the possible communities who inhabit them and leave their mark by the creation of a moving or kinetic sculpture.

Artists: Turpin & Crawford Studio, Tango Conway & Amelia Skelton, Len Lye

Week 4 | ART - Painting, paint, but no brush

Furthering explorations into different mediums and their uses in art making, this workshop will focus on painting, but subtract the traditional method application. Reference both figurative and abstract practices, students will learn to express themselves with colour, line, shape and texture, but they will invent new tools with which to apply the medium and see how traditional materials can find new directions.

Artists: Gerhardt Richter, Gregory Hodge, Derek O’Conner and Yves Klein

Week 5 | MATHS - Geometry, tessellation, lines and grids

Using paper folding techniques, compasses and rulers children will create origami like structures and drawings that investigate the shapes and patterns that you can make when following the rules of geometry. Students will then also utilise light to further enhance their drawings and folded constructions through the addition of shadow play.

Artists: Liz Shreeve, Julia Kennedy-Bell, Rachel Park

Event Information

LocationCasula Powerhouse
Arts Centre

Duration120 mins


Cost$100 for 5 sessions
All inclusive

Phone02 9824 1121


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