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7 Mar 2018 | 10.30am - 12.30pm

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LOOK THINK TECHNOLOGY provides opportunities for students aged 6-9 to learn through hands on creative activities in either robotics, computer programming, electronics, or Science. Combining a range of curriculum areas such as Science, Technology, English, Art, Maths and, Digital media these workshops encourage younger children to become reflective learners, take risks and to question. We want all children to have an opportunity to learn in a fun hands on way

Hands on learning provides children with a better ability to engage in the subject they are learning. Children have a better ability to recount concepts more easily when they are doing. LOOK THINK TECHNOLOGY fosters problem based learning to encourage students to work together creatively. Each week’s class will begin with a group discussion of the investigation, supported by works on display and reference images, while also thinking about the design process. Each week will conclude with a round table discussion and sharing of reflection. All materials will be supplied.

Term 1: Brief Overview by Week

Week 1 | Air and Movement: In this workshop students will use recycled products to create a balloon car. Students will learn how wind energy can propel objects. Students will learn basic engineering principles to make a car zip across the floor.

Week 2 | Light up Paper Circuits: How do circuits work? Students will learn how electricity works and lights turn on. Students will make a light up badge using LED’s, batteries and paper craft.

Week 3 | Inch Worms & Motors: Building on from the previous week, students will learn more about basic electricity. Can you make an inchworm out of cardboard move? Students will use cardboard, sticky tape, motors and paper materials to design and build an inchworm and make it move. Students will learn about motors and basic electricity.

Week 4 & 5 | Erupting Art: Create amazing unique art using lollies and fizzy drinks. Students will experiment with measurement and chemistry to watch drinks erupting with paint to create artwork.

LOOK THINK TECHNOLOGY is presented by Belinda Watson.

Belinda is no stranger to Casula Powerhouse, presenting annual robotics and animation workshops in school holidays as well as the WOW Festival. Belinda has worked as a member on the FIRST Robotics committee and is a Design and Technology Teacher, teaching electronics, robotics, animation and technology to all ages. Belinda has taught for more than a decade in schools across NSW. She started her career as an Electrician and then moved into the Technology industry before settling into Teaching. Belinda is also the director of Create to Learn delivering hands-on robotics and animation workshop for all ages.

Event Information

LocationCasula Powerhouse
Arts Centre

Duration120 mins


Cost$100 for 5 sessions
All inclusive

Phone02 9824 1121


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