21 Mar 2018 | 1.00pm - 3.00pm

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Making sounds, making instruments & making music are the key ingredients of THE SOUNDS OF MUSIC, anew creative learning for younger children who have a musical curiosity. Whether its listening, playing or making this series of workshops encourages offers a range of sonic outcomes.

Any student that has started use a musical instrument or sing will be given the opportunity to play to the class if they wish. Also guest musicians will make appearances in the classes to be announced closer to dates. Each week THE SOUNDS OF MUSIC will creatively unpack the history of music to a younger audience through engaging musical outcomes.

Term 1: Brief Overview by Week

Week 1 | What Actually Is Music?

Children will be asked what they think and feel music is. We will look at the documented history of music (Artefacts, texts and instruments through the ages.)  What is pitch, rhythm, texture and harmony? What is sound, volume and noise?  We will also look human hearing and the ear. We will conduct some exercises based around vibration in which everyday objects become musical instruments in the hands of our students.

Week 2 | History of Recording Music

Each student if possible will be asked to bring an instrument, object or use their voice in a recording session conducted live in the class. We will record onto both tape (Analogue) and onto digital. We will examine the history of recorded music with actual items for the students to hold i.e. Wire recorders, Cylinder & vinyl records, reel to reel tape recorders and digital recording devices. Does music need to be recorded to survive?

Week 3 | World Music

Music is a cultural activity and therefore its style can tell us which country it originates from but not in every case! We will look at cultural approaches to music and the different instruments involved but different styles (classical, country, jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, soul, metal, industrial etc.)  We will also look at modern composers who have adopted other countries music in their recording.

Week 4 | Outsider Music

The composer John Gage once stated That all sound is music. What is music to your ears maybe noise to some else. How do we define what actually music is? How is western music composed in comparison to older indigenous cultures? What makes music new? We will listen to composers who have approached making music in an alternative way. Students will draw and construct with the help of Jaimie &Aspasia their own abstract instruments.

Week 5 | Music Today

We will look at Pop music today and what ingredients we need to make a hit. For this final session the whole class will compose a track together and discuss how we could release it to the world. Do we need to make a video and put it up on YouTube? We will look at how people like Justin Bieber were found through the internet and its ability to supply music instantly. Is there a music star already in our class waiting to be found?

THE SOUNDS OF MUSIC is presented by Jaimie Leonarder aka Jay Katz and Aspasia Leonarder. Both Jamie and Aspasia have been involved in musical and artistic ventures for well over thirty five years. They are also regular facilitators and presenters at Casula Powerhouse. They were the subject of a Pagan/SBS independent film Love & Anarchy and are devotees of independent cinema, running screenings in venues throughout the city for the last twenty years and are curators of the Mu-Meson Archives their own personal collection of film, books, music and obscure media. Avid collectors of lost film footage, they have become Robin Hood figure’s to the A.B.C. finding them more original lost footage of their T.V shows from the early 60’s than any other organisation.

They have run numerous musical nights with residencies at varying pubs and clubs as DJ's. The have also run film night's for 10 years at the Annandale Hotel and for the last year at Public House in Petersham. Jaimie and Aspasia both have an affinity to young people and their creative needs and have always involved them in their many and varied creative ventures.

Event Information

LocationCasula Powerhouse
Arts Centre

Duration120 mins


Cost$100 for 5 sessions
All inclusive

Phone02 9824 1121

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