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6 Aug 2016 | 10.00am - 12.30pm

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Behind the Scenes is a 2 hour digital mosaic workshop facilitated by Guo Jian. Using the work Picturesque scenery No. 27 as a reference, Guo Jian will discuss the work, its meaning and construction process. You will be shown how to ‘stitch’ together your own images to form a large scale digital image. Once constructed, your images will be projected onto a large screen to examine and discuss the transformative process. A3 prints of your image will also be available.

This is rare chance to work in small group (10 participants) with a leading contemporary artist. Booking is essential.

The artist Guo Jian was an active participant in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing, initially undertaking a hunger strike and later helping to carry dead and injured people to safety. Guo Jian and his practice are products of the last fifty years of violence and cultural change in China. In 1992, Guo Jian immigrated to Australia. Arriving in Sydney, labouring jobs financed his practice; his artwork gained the attention of curators and critics and his reputation grew.

When Guo Jian recently returned to his hometown, he was alerted to the environmental disaster that now defined this landscape, once admired for its scenic beauty. Littered with garbage and plastic consumer debris, the artist was horrified at the change, After 5,000 years of culture, now all you can see is rubbish. We are being buried by rubbish. Guo Jian described the cultural spillage of packaging, products and celebrity images as cultural rubbish.

To construct the work, Picturesque scenery No. 27 for Refugees, Guo Jian has experimented with photographic techniques using hidden images of cultural rubbish; thousands of tiny hidden celebrity faces combine to form a tonal grid section. Lying secretly beneath and giving form to traditional scenery above, Guo Jian depicts the consequence of China’s rapid transformation resulting environmental and cultural destruction.

For the workshop you will need to bring your own laptop c/w the program Andrea Mosaic, available as a free download from https://www.andreaplanet.com/andreamosaic/, a USB and digital camera or a phone with camera.

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