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Spirit Levels workshop examines how artists have used the context of scale as a key element of their work in negotiating the core themes of the religion and spirituality.


16 Apr 2016 | 10:30am - 12pm

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DRAW TOGETHER for the 64 Blake Prize focuses on reoccurring, but approachable themes on exhibition at CPAC. Join Roy Marchant and Cayn Rosmarin for SPIRIT LEVELS which examines how artists have used the context of scale as a key element of their work in negotiating the core themes of the religion and spirituality.  Emma Fielden’s microscopic series of drawings, Infinite (triptych), examine a sense a wonder at the infinite. Her work appears to visually meditate through micro repetitions of the infinite decimal 0.3333, not unlike repeating a prayer. Matthew James’s An Endless Horizon similarly explores the magnetic gaze of the horizon as a linear divide between the sky and the water. James’s small continual film strips attempt to capture the impossible, a personal location within an infinite spiritual space. The work His work reveals this a suspension, as if between heaven and earth. Shannon Johnson’s work has been literally lost. The artist collects lost objects, examining their potential for having “invisible powers”. St Christopher is miniature figurine of the saint with a dogs head. Johnson is creating a hybrid charm for missing pets, exploring our faith in animal companions. Paul Trefry up-scales the urgency of a social issue to one of physical confrontation. Homeless Still Human, creates a work as an obstacle to ignorance. SPIRIT LEVELS will take place in close proximity to these artworks. You will be guided through a series of individual and collaborative drawing exercises designed to respond directly to the exhibited artworks, as well being encouraged to discuss them.

DRAW TOGETHER is a regular drawing workshop held twice during every exhibition at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. All ages and abilities are welcome; simply bring your enthusiasm for art. Appreciate the value of drawing, develop visual thinking skills and create something new in an inspiring atmosphere. Reserve your spot now or drop in on the day.

Event Information

Duration1.5 hours
all materials included

AgesAll Ages

Cost$5 per person
Children under 5 FREE

Phone02 9824 1121


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