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17 Aug 2019 | 7.00pm - 8.00pm

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Broriginals Live brings you a roller coaster ride of stand-up comedy, sibling rivalry, podcasting and race politics. All safely packaged up by two of Australia’s most Successful Aboriginals™

Are we allowed to laugh at that? Even worse, are we allowed to ask questions? Brothers Texas and Travis will unpack the mysteries of an intersectional, post-colonial, post offensive world in their unique blend of agony aunt, self-improvement and audience stimulated show.

You are encouraged to bring along your self-improvement questions, random trivia questions, questions about the finer points of making the perfect milo – our favourite brothers will answer them all, drawing on 80 000+ years of cultural heritage (and various oddities from the internet) and attempt to teach their audience how to be better Aboriginals, and maybe – better human beings.

The Broriginals podcast began when brothers Texas and Travis re-connected after being estranged for ten years. Realising that they had both become Successful Aboriginals™ in their time apart, they took on the responsibility to pass this knowledge on to future generations in the most cutting-edge way possible – by making a hot Aboriginal comedy podcast and then taking it on tour.

Event Information

LocationCasula Powerhouse
Arts Centre

Duration60 mins


CostAdult: $20
Concession: $15

Phone02 8711 7123


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