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Upon entering an art gallery what do you notice first about the works on display: colour, form, size or value? The list of qualities that we are attracted to (or react to!) are very personal, as we all have different opinions on what we like. Do we think these things make us consider whether it is ‘good ‘or ‘bad’ art? Is there a recipe for success? What are the ingredients that make us decide?

An artwork can immediately grab our attention if it is of a sufficient size, but can an artwork that is small have the same impact? Does it have the same meaning? How do artists use the size of their work to different effect? Is bigger necessarily better?

Size Matters Least is the first in a new series of our Connection Collection exhibitions for you to examine these particular questions using our own Powerhouse collection.

Size Matters Least exhibits works of contrasting sizes for you to consider how they might actually connect- in spite of their immediate differences.