Marsden Gallery 
Dates - 12 November 2022 - 8  January 2023

Speech Bubble explores the textures and gestures of the voice through an immersive and interactive multi-speaker installation. In an abstract game of call and response, the audience triggers vocal gestures that ricochet like small sonic fireworks through the physical space. Its playful interaction sits somewhere between a pinball game and a peculiar presence in the room.

Speech Bubble is made of hundreds of individual lights and speakers and responds in non-verbal vocal sounds, with occasional glimpses of words. Speech Bubble is a choreographed composition of sound and light playing an abstract game of call and response with the gallery audience, sometimes sounding as if it is mumbling in its sleep, scat singing or shushing.

The kids and adults alike will enjoy this incredible technology that is interactive and gives audiences an experience of AI (artificial intelligence) and new technologies.

This interactive artwork is supported by an ARC Linkage project with UNSW and UTS


Produced by the Interactive Media Lab, UNSW, in collaboration with UTS Creativity & Cognition Studios and Bitscope Designs.

Artistic direction: Ollie Bown

Technical development: Ollie Bown, Sam Ferguson, Augusto Dias Pereira dos Santos, Alex Davies, Kurt Mikolajczyk, Benedict Carey, Ella Manor.

3D modelling: Dominique Altamura.

Workshop development and documentation: Narjis Mirza.

Additional sound editing: Angus Braico.

Original sound samples: Jack Bown.

Speech Bubble has been supported by an ARC Linkage Project in partnership with Bitscope Designs, Squidsoup (UK), ArtworksRActive (UK) and the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.