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We are on the lookout for young individuals, aged 15-25, to join CPAC (Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre) Youth. CPAC Youth is a committee that promotes the value of young people’s involvement in the arts by providing events and opportunities to make your ideas come to life.

With experience in theatre, visual arts, curation, music and creative writing, CPAC Youth are able to help you build a creative portfolio, realise and share your ideas, and make a positive impact on the South West Sydney Arts community.

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If you are interested in being a part of CPAC Youth, contact us today!
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Plus we have great events to attend.

You're invited to join the CPAC Youth Book Club, where we'll be exploring stories by people of colour (POC). Every month we will spotlight a book from an author of colour, and meet to discuss it in a safe space. We'll also curate a film, podcast and article to accompany the theme of the book. We encourage all young people (15-25 y.o.) in Western Sydney to join our book club, and everyone will have the chance to curate their very own theme.

Details for the February book club will be updated soon!


DATE: Saturday, 5 February
TIME: 2pm - 5pm
3 hrs
Ages: 15+

General Admission: $25
Concession: $18

Western Sydney Music Futures is a half-day of panel discussions and hands-on workshops led by industry leaders. These leaders represent a dynamic scene as they come from the music industry, the arts community and the commercial world of production. They will speak from their own experience in the industry to share how they see the landscape right now, how they are reaching their own career highs, the important politics of Western Sydney music, and ultimately challenge participants to find innovative ways to change the scene for the future.

What’s there to enjoy about CPAC Youth?

I enjoy the opportunity to get involved in the different events, in particular seeing the effort that is going into building the local arts community and being able to socialise with other people who share an interest in art. – Melanie, 21

I get the opportunity to step out of what I usually do, I enjoy the creativity and the comfortable environment that CPAC Youth creates. -  Vivien, 16

Email: cpacyouth@casulapowerhouse.com // cpacyouth@gmail.com
Social media: Facebook // Instagram