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Public Programs and Education promotes and enhances access and engagement to creative arts programming at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC).

  • Inclusion upon entry
  • Innovative participation
  • Empowerment upon exit

Casula Powerhouse promotes and enhances access and engagement to creative arts.  From an array of activities and programs, we host panel discussions, public events, open studios, one-off workshops and on-going programs.  In 2019, the public programs and education department hosted and organised over 600 workshops, which included talks, workshops, outreach and more.

Continuing on the success of the past years, Public Programs will continue to offer accessible, innovative and engaging programs. For any queries, please email ppe@casulapowerhouse.com

Whether you’re a new or a returning participant to programs at Casula Powerhouse, remember that you can use Creative Kids Vouchers to subsidize this program. More details can be found here: www.service.nsw.gov.au/campaign/creative-kids

You can book customised exhibition tours and workshops to get the best experience for your students. Click here to access the booking form.