Exhibition Launch: Saturday 28th October, 2 – 4pm (as part of the 25th Annual Liverpool Art Society Exhibition launch)

Local artist, Valerie Colvin, will present an immersive exhibition depicting her lotus pond. This exhibition is the result of the Casula Powerhouse Scholarship Prize which was awarded to Valerie at the Annual Liverpool Art Society Exhibition in 2022. Valerie will present a new body of work in the Upper Turbine West Gallery that responds to the lotus pond and its significance.

The launch event is free. Registration is required.

Please follow this link to register: 25th Liverpool Art Society award ceremony and exhibition launch + Valerie Colvin Launch | Casula Powerhouse

Valerie Colvin is also presenting a hands-on art making workshop inspired by her ‘Lotus Pond’ exhibition. In this hands-on experience, you'll work closely with Valerie to craft your very own bird sculpture, poised elegantly on a stand, featuring a bird species of your choice. Click here to learn more and book: Workshop with Valerie Colvin | Casula Powerhouse

Lotus Pond

Image credit: Valerie Colvin, Lotus Pond, 2023. Photography by One Bird Laughing.

Artist statement:
I believe as an artist I have a unique opportunity to convey the essence of my garden and the emotions it evokes and capture the delicate beauty of lotuses, the graceful movement of the fish, the freedom and elegance of birds, and the buzzing energy of bees.

Through my ceramic creations I bring these elements to life and express the vibrant colours and emotions that are present in my garden. The lotus flower is a feature of this exhibition, it sprouts from dark muddy earth and rises through the silted waters to become a stunning work of art. Aside from being such a strong symbol of peace and calm, to me it embodies the idea that no matter where we come from, we have the potential to blossom into something remarkable, to rise above our circumstances and become a source of inspiration.

My vertical sculptures represent the harmonious and inspiring atmosphere I experience in my garden. The symbols of nature’s beauty, capturing the essence of my special place and evoking a sense of peace, wonder, and reflection for others who interact with my art.

It is a beautiful way to share my experiences and emotions with others through my art.

About the Casula Powerhouse Scholarship Award:

The Casula Powerhouse Scholarship Award is proudly sponsored by Liverpool City

Council and supported by Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre as part of the Liverpool Art Society’s Annual Exhibitions and Prizes.

The winning artist receives funds to go towards an exhibition at the Centre, along with support from CPAC curatorial staff. The Casula Powerhouse Scholarship exhibition launches the same day as the Liverpool Art Society awards ceremony and launch.

the Liverpool Art Society awards ceremony and launch.

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