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We have four main gallery spaces here at CPAC and have a commitment to showcasing local artists alongside international and national artists. CPAC houses an international standard exhibition space, artists' studios and artists' residency spaces plus multiple options for exhibition spaces including a dedicated kids gallery.

We have made it simpler for you to access the multitude of exhibitions that we've showcased in our galleries. By clicking on the links below, you can find all the information; including exhibition catalogues, images, publications, artist talks and videos where available.

current exhibitions

Click on the links below to learn more about the exhibitions that are presented in the Casula Powerhouse galleries in 2020.

The Surf Shack_George Gittoes

From 28 Sep – 15 Nov we will be closed due to important restoration work to our Koori Floor. While we are closed we are creating special off-site events to keep you connected and this is one not to miss! Join us as Casula Powerhouse partners on a very special Aussie installation with renowned artists George Gittoes and Hellen Rose who have been given the keys to their next door neighbour - The Surf Shack.

Gittoes work has recently been included in the launch of CPAC’s online collection and his portrait of Julian Assange is featured in current exhibition Collection Spotlight – Online Collection till 28 September. His work will also be featured in an exhibition in 2021 and he is our artist of the month during our period of closure.

Seeds of Our City

With our growing urban footprint and increasingly adverse effects of climate change, the loss of species and habitats is becoming all too common. Yet, for tens of thousands of years this same land has sustained life – creating habitats, food, cooling the environment and supporting cleaner air and waterways.

So, how, as our city expands, can we reignite our vital connection with land, water, flora and fauna? And bring bush land back into our urban environment?

The ‘Seeds of our City’ exhibition, borne out of a collaboration between Arup, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) and Liverpool City Council, opens up community and professional conversations around maintaining biodiversity and enabling continued connection to nature in the context of a rapidly growing city.

past exhibitions

Click on the links to see all of the exhibitions that have been presented in the Casula Powerhouse galleries over the years.


activity sheets

artist opportunities

Our team endeavours to support local artists. We'll be updating this space with opportunities that you can be part of.