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Sue Murray

Welcome to Imagine Me, an innovative project empowering people with disabilities to explore their imagination in creative photography and digital-imaging workshops. Launched in 2013 as part of  Don’t DIS MY ABILITY campaign Imagine Me aims to foster greater community understanding towards people living with disability and open up new creative opportunities by building skills and fostering community engagement.

Participants in Imagine Me are invited to a series of workshops where they develop their creative imagination and learn photography in the process of making a self-portrait using photographic equipment specially adapted for people with limited mobility. Participants learn skills in photography through a creative process involving experimentation and expressing ideas, primary to the process of making art. Peer support is a valuable part of community health and well-being and this workshop process encourages people to share stories, to build resilience and broaden and build new social networks.

Imagine Me has been programmed at CPAC to coincide with celebrating the International Day of People with a Disability.