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Sophie Takách and Fayen d’Evie share an interest in the ways that people, places and materials affect one another. Working with sound artist Bryan Phillips, and volunteers from the Casula community, the artists will develop an immersive installation, casting the movements and responses of bodies as they interact with sculptural works and tactile paintings.

During the exhibition, performances in the form of guided tours will experiment with navigating the exhibition structures, and invite tactile and vibrational encounters with works. The tours will be led by Ben Phillips and Janaleen Wolfe from the Theatre of the Blind. You are also invited to participate in guided tours that will encourage tactile and vibrational encounters with the works. Deaf performer Kate Matairavula will lead the tours in Auslan.

Image credit: Fayen d'Evie, Troy McConnell, Sophie Takách and Prue Lang, 2016. [...] {...} [...] handovers + translations. Phase 1. FdE, TmC, ST, with Terry Foley and Bryan Phillips. Shared action involving objects / hide / feel of kelp, shammy, wet sponge.  Photo credit: Pippa Samaya