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As a youth organisation, CPAC Youth has a vested interest in exploring Casula Powerhouse Art Centre’s rich history. Fascinated by the artists who had spent time developing their craft within the centre, CPAC Youth are delving into Casula Powerhouse’s collections to breathe new life into these works and highlight the opportunities for artistic development the centre has provided since its conception.

Inside the Collection offers a sneak peek of the colourful and quirky works that hide amongst the thousands of items in the collection. It is an exploration of the growth of prolific Australian and local artists who have a deep history with the centre - a connection that CPAC Youth aspires to. These fun and enticing art works reflect upon youth’s desire to comment, highlight or investigate important subject matter through mischievous messages and playful forms.

Take a peek Inside the Collection and see the centre through CPAC Youth’s eyes.

The Institute for Culture and Society invites you to the launch of Recalibrating Culture: Production, Consumption, Policy report coinciding with the opening of Inside the Collection with CPAC Youth.

Both events will be launched by Councillor Nathan Hagarty of Liverpool City Council.

Principal Researchers, Professor Deborah Stevenson, and Professor David Rowe will make a brief presentation on some key findings at the launch. Further information can be found at:

Recalibrating Culture: Production, Consumption, Policy ARC research project