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Southeast – Southwest frames the universal narrative of migration and diaspora through the perspective of artists who originated from Southeast Asia. Selected artworks from the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre Collection mirror the diasporic experiences shared amongst Southeast Asian migrants who now contribute to the diverse cultural makeup of the Southwest Sydney region.

Artists like Aris Prabawa (Indonesia) and Tin Nguyen (Vietnam) reflect on their personal experiences of social, cultural and political issues that have, or continue to deeply affect the people from their countries of origin. The works in this exhibition explore how cultural identities are constantly in flux through conformity to new cultural norms in contrast to the longing desire to respect the cultural heritage, practices and traditions of one’s home. Such discourse is evident in the use of social and cultural-specific symbolism featured in some of the artworks.

Southeast - Southwest highlights the resilience of migrant communities that bring a unique flavour to the Southwest Sydney region. It also pays homage to previous Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre exhibitions such as Nam Bang! and VietNam Voices.

As a cultural facility of Liverpool City Council, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is dedicated to supporting emerging creative talent from the Southwest Sydney Region. Southeast – Southwest is co-curated by emerging Southwest Sydney curator, Cara Lopez (Philippines) and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre’s Curator, Adam Porter (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia).

Image credit: By courtesy of Le Dung, The Same Pain for Both Sides, 2009 (detail).