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Everyday Madonna looks at motherhood from a variety of perspectives and societal expectations. The artists question cultural and popular images of mothers, such as the iconic Madonna & Child.

Beyond the societal and cultural expectations of mothers and what is deemed ideal, we find an expanded definition of mothers: real, imperfect, resilient, leaders of resistance and fierce protectors.

Everyday Madonna features works by these artists: Eddie Abd, Linda Brescia, Louisa Chircop, Karla Dickens, Mona Ibrahim, Nicole Monks, Susan O’Doherty, Pamela Rodoreda, Marikit Santiago, Rokeya Sultana.

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Image credit: Marikit Santiago, The Weaning Madonna (2015-2017), acrylic, oil, Dutch metal gold leaf, pyrography, PVA, pen on ply, (pen markings by Maella Pearl – 2 years old), fresh banana leaves