Local artist, Selma Fida will present an immersive exhibition built from realistic porcelain flowers, made by hand. The exhibition is the result of the Casula Powerhouse Scholarship Prize which was awarded to the artist at the 21st Annual Liverpool Art Society Exhibition, 2018. Selma will present a new body of work in the Marsden Gallery that responds to the presence of flowers throughout the highs and lows of each person’s life.

The exhibition explores how flowers speak a universal language of care and empathy through celebrations, anniversaries, births, wars, sickness and death. An experienced ceramic artist, Selma has only recently turned her skill to the challenge of forming delicate, floral pieces from paper thin sheets of fine porcelain. For this new body of work, Selma has expanded her highly refined ceramic practice to form the porcelain flowers into sculptures, wall hangings and large-scale installations.

Selma Fida. 2018 Casula Powerhouse Scholarship Prize Winner, Liverpool Art Society Exhibition. Photography by Hamish Ta-me.