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Marsden Gallery
18 November 2020 - 17 January 2021 
Exhibition Launch: 21 November 2020 

This solo exhibition is the result of the Casula Powerhouse Scholarship Prize which was awarded to Gil Farla at the 22nd Annual Liverpool Art Society Exhibition, 2019.

Sadly and unexpectedly Gil passed away after a short illness in July this year. She had planned and written about her exhibition and most of the artwork included was created for the exhibition. We thank her family for supporting her, the realisation of her vision and allowing us an insight into her much loved garden. Before her sad passing, Gil wrote the text and title for the exhibition. The unedited words perfectly express the ideas that she had discussed and wanted to capture in her exhibition.

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Exhibition view, My Secret Urban Sanctuary, Photography by Chantel Bann.

My Secret Urban Sanctuary by Gil Farla

“My Secret Urban Sanctuary” is an Exhibition of a body of works inspired by my garden, its surrounds, and its many creatures.  Following recent events worldwide and nationally we are reminded how unpredictable and fragile our lives can become and how important it is to take care of our Planet.

Nature and my garden provide me with a refuge to escape the harsh urban jungle and the pressures it brings. It is often a safe haven for wildlife and a sanctuary where I retreat to a tranquil solace. I have come to accept our Environment at both its most beautiful and sometimes at its most destructive.

Until you become connected with nature only then can you truly be connected to Life on this Planet. When you take time to stop and absorb what is around you it is amazing to see the unanticipated beauty of your surroundings. Even just watching a butterfly sit on a flower, opening and closing its wings while absorbing the morning’s sunshine rays is a magical moment.

My garden was a blank canvas that I had the fortunate opportunity to design and nurture. Now after nearly 20 years at this residence I always find new inspirations for me to paint and create. There is nothing better than digging into the soil and having that connection with nature. It is that very essence of being that helps me create and keep a balance in my life. In return I am blessed to have natures creatures and landscape surround me in the process.

Image: Gil Farla, Past Present Future, 2019.