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HI VIS explores dancing and dressing as fabulous forms of empowerment.

Each of the artists demonstrate control through the spectacle of dance and dress. By being irresistible to look at, the artists can control an onlooker’s attention and push them to engage a range of complex political ideas while still being entertaining to watch.

The artists and their artworks are fabulous, but they are also using these art forms because they create a necessary form of defence. Through being impossible to ignore, they create a defence against violence, a defence against forgetting troubling histories, and a defence against not being seen at all.

Artists include: Nicole Oliveria, Leila el Rayes, JD Reforma, Joan Ross, Matthew Stegh (Haus of Hellmutti) Angela Tiatia and Kilia Tipa.

Click here for the HI VIS exhibition publication.

Leila El Rayes Vulnerable & Volatile, 2016 Skirt made of Chain & Knives | Photo credit: Campbell Henderson