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Loud Hailer and Mama Dojo proudly present
Looby - A Documentary


Archibald Prize winner Keith Looby won major prizes at home and abroad. He was also the winner of our Blake Prize in 1973.

Perhaps a habit of drawing colonialism, painting non-conformists and speaking up made Looby persona non grata? With sumptuous cinematography, candid interviews and a striking original score, LOOBY uncovers the life and work of an artist we need to remember.

Following interstate screenings, rave reviews at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and a Sydney premiere at the National Art School, LOOBY is screening across Australia throughout 2021 from metropolitan galleries to regional theatres and outdoor screenings in the Top End.

Born in Sydney, Keith Looby entered the National Art School as a 15-year-old and graduated with an unmistakable style that went on to win Australian painting’s highest plaudits including the Sulman, Blake and Archibald prizes. The latter with Max Gillies as Bob Hawke.

The 2021 tour starts on Friday 5 February at Casula Powerhouse in NSW, the current auspice of the Blake Prize
which Looby won in 1973. Screenings continue throughout 2021 across every State and Territory. Looby’s insistence on painting controversial figures – from communist Rupert Lockwood to feminist Anne Summers  – won him few friends in power.
Likewise, his illustrations on the horrors of colonialism – Black and White History of Australia – remain confronting today.

As the indigenous artist and frequent Archibald finalist Blak Douglas remarks, “In the sixties, when these were created, it was an incredibly gallant thing to be portraying this kind of imagery – because it wasn’t far off the referendum!” LOOBY’s original score complements the mercurial moods of the man, while calm cinematography invites viewers to luxuriate in the striking figures and expansive scale of his work. LOOBY lets us all appreciate what establishment tastemakers no longer can.

Max Gillies, Keith Looby - Archibald Winner 1984.

Written and directed by: Nick Garner & Iain Knight
Executive Producer: Desmond Murphy
Editor: Angelica Von Helle
Original Score: Joseph Littlefield & Ines Vas De Sousa
Director of Photography: Mark Revello
Producers: Merilyn Alt & Sean Murphy

What the critics said at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival: 

Andrew Peirce: "This right here is my pick of the fest. Do not miss Looby. " https://www.thecurb.com.au/the-ten-films-you-must-see-at-the-2019-melbourne-documentary-film-festival/

Top 10 Films of the Festival: http://www.documentarydrive.com/mdff-2019-top-10-features/

Travis Johnson: “It’s a fascinating film, especially in an era of increasingly… conservative artistic standards.” https://cinemaaustralia.com.au/2019/07/03/mdff-review-looby/


DATE: Friday 5 February 2021
TIME: 7pm
DURATION: 80 min (plus Q+A after the screening)

FREE, bookings essential