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Bring your schools group. Bring the kids. After another crazy year (thanks Covid!) we’re ready to welcome you back to our fabulous Theatre. In 2022, we're bringing an incredible selection of shows that will delight audiences of all ages and introduce them to the beauty of theatre.


Coming of Age is an unconventional love story. We follow Jenny, the working-class daughter of a labouring man from humble beginnings, and Peter, the progeny of new money as they fall in love. Together they come of age against the backdrop of WWII, facing challenges of rationing, conscription and mechanised warfare. This historical drama watches two star-crossed lovers fight to be together against the adversity of their class and circumstances. Written by LPAE’s own Tony Woollams, it asks us to consider how far have we come, and what we have to learn from the repetition of history.

Wednesday, 18 May - 11am & 7:30pm
Thursday, 19 May - 11am & 7:30pm
Friday, 20 May - 11am & 7:30pm

Duration: 90 minutes (no interval)
Suitable for ages 12+


Young refugees now attending Holroyd High School and the Intensive English Centre, will charm and inspire you with their humour, honesty and innocence as they perform pivotal moments from their lives. It’s the magic of authentic voices, calling us to share their stories of horror and joy, of laughter and pain, of wonder and resilience.

Thursday, 23 June – 10am & 12:30pm 
Friday, 24 June – 10am, 12:30pm & 7pm

Duration: 90 minutes (no interval)
Suitable for ages 12


From multiple-award winning playwright Samah Sabawi comes THEM — a compelling tale of survival, friendship, and the things we are willing to do to protect the ones we love. THEM tells the story of one young family as they face the decision whether to flee their war-torn city. Omar, Leila and their young child are counting down the days. Their friends enjoy fantasies of escape and the arrival of Omar’s sister brings a real chance to get out – but at what cost?

Tuesday, 16 August - 7:30pm
Wednesday, 17 August - 10am & 1pm

Duration: 80 minutes (no interval)
Suitable for ages 12+


Bringing ancient creatures from land and sea together in one show, Erth's Prehistoric World is the perfect combination of theatrical magic and charm. It takes the audience to the bottom of the ocean to discover ancient bio-luminescent creatures and incredible marine reptiles, and then back to dry land to witness some of the most amazing dinosaurs to have ever walked this Earth.

Duration: 50 - 55 minutes (no interval)
Suitable for ages 5+

Tuesday, 6 September – 1pm 
Wednesday, 7 September – 10am & 1pm


From historic feud to the ill-fated union, Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet finds new significance this spring in the Liverpool Performing Arts Ensemble’s production of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. This tale of forbidden young love is a timeless classic that you don’t want to miss.

14 September - 11am & 7:30pm 
15 September - 11am & 7:30pm
16 September - 11am & 7:30pm 

Duration: 90 minutes (no interval)
Suitable for ages 12+


Edward the Emu
Coming of Age
I Was There
Erth's Prehistoric World
Romeo and Juliet 


General Admission: $25 
Students/Concession: $20 
Family of 4: $90
Schools: $13

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