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Bringing ancient creatures from land and sea together in one show, Erth's Prehistoric World is the perfect combination of theatrical magic and charm. It takes the audience to the bottom of the ocean to discover ancient bio-luminescent creatures and incredible marine reptiles, and then back to dry land to witness some of the most amazing dinosaurs to have ever walked this Earth...

Dinosaurs are a gateway to learning, inspiring young minds to consider an array of subjects from science to literature, geology to bioengineering, and natural history to mathematics. Dinosaurs have become a curious link between child and parent, grandparent, guardian and educator. The learning opportunities are immense.

Experience the creatures of your imagination coming to life on stage in this enthralling new show!

“Erth’s ‘Prehistoric World’ was staggering… with inspirational messages about discovery, nature and
conservation … an immersive, educational and captivating production. The use of lighting and sound created
visual effects that were polished, unexpected and powerful. The show featured moments of breath-taking visual beauty and interactive entertainment which managed to hold an audience of both children and adults captive.”
Yasmin Elahi, Theatre Haus

“Clever, beautifully constructed and hugely entertaining” - The Daily Telegraph

To download the Education Kit, click on the orange image below:

Research & Resources for teachers


Sammie Nicolaou (Host)
Rudolf Hendrikx (Puppeteer)
Michael Ho (Puppeteer)
Sam Lowbridge (Puppeteer)
Keila Terencio (Puppeteer)

Picture of the cast for Erth's Prehistoric World

Erth Creative Team:

Concept & Direction: Scott Wright and Erth
Design: Steve Howarth 
Sound Design: Phil Downing
Lighting Design: Frankie Clarke
AV: Christian Heinrich and Solomon Thomas
Photography: Isabella Moore

Event Information

Tuesday 6 September - 1pm
Wednesday 7 September - 10am & 1pm

50-55 min (no interval)
Ages: 5+

Content warnings: 

Fog/Smoke effects
Loud noise


General Admission: $25 
Students/Concession: $20 
Family of 4: $90
Schools: $13

Erths Prehistoric World Education Kit
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